These 6 indigenous looped in mine head approximately 1 gorillion (an enormous, gorilla-sized number, because that the unaware) times as I finally managed to lay mine quivering hand on a crate of chocolate Honey Bunches in the year 2016.

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Those who have actually been following the blog should be familiar with my love for Honey Bunches of Oats with chocolate Clusters, a grain that to be discontinued part 6 years earlier in a decision by short article Foods the I’m still persuaded was in which method a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

I won’t bore you through the details, however Chocolate honey Bunches were a pivotal part of my personal cereal mythology ago in your heyday. Let’s simply say the without Honey Bunches that Oats with coco Clusters, this site more than likely wouldn’t exist today.

But now, i no much longer need come cry forlorn tears end faded Polaroids of the cereal, since it’s back. Does it live as much as my very own super high standards? I’m willing to experience a sugar high to uncover out.

As you could have noticed in the above photo, ns was so excited come munch this Bunches that i accidentally tore the box open with the elegant of a drunken, dizzy Grizzly. I was a little bit apprehensive about Post’s selection to do this grain gluten free, yet even that couldn’t sedate this bear’s growling stomach.

(Brief side note: go I miss out on the memo? Is irradiate blue now the official shade of gluten free? alongside Kashi Vanilla Pepita, the pleasant baby blue hues seem too similar to be a coincidence.)


Speaking that color, this cereal has a gorgeous yin yang aesthetic that yellow and brown. And it tastes nice gorgeous, too. The corn and cocoarn (yep, i just developed this portmanteau the “cocoa” and “corn.” take note, Merriam-Webster.) flakes achieve a vulnerable balance that sweet cocoa, starchy corn, and also even starchier rice. Through their fragile, crispy crunch, every flake is a bit like a Cocoa Pebble that gained injected with growth hormones.

But uneven Cocoa Pebbles, deep in ~ the chocolaty exterior of this flakes is that difficult sweet, signature HBO end up of golden toasted honey. It’s almost like some negative honeybee flew a small too nearby to among those coco fondue waterfalls.

Of course, any Honey Bunches odor is only as an excellent as…well…its bunches. The gluten totally free bunches right here aren’t quite as crunchy together their gluten-nous brethren. Instead, they have a crumblier texture and a rich, bold dark cacao flavor.

If you can imagine a wedding in between a chocolate Teddy Graham and the cookie part of a Twix liquid bar, then these swarm taste favor their romantic, candlelit honeymoon.

And since I am i can not qualify of explaining flavor except in state of other junk food, when you eat the clusters and also flakes of cacao Honey Bunches that Oats together, it end up tasting like a giant, wonderful bowl of crushed-up Keebler Fudge Stripes.

I’ll offer you a minute to wipe the drool from your keyboard.


As anyone that has ever had a Fudge Stripe can tell you, they’re even better when dipped in milk. The advice hold true for coco Honey Bunches of Oats. In milk, all the dark coco notes become decadent fudge notes, while the crumbly clusters come to be miniature version of moist, milk-soaked coco oat no-bake cookies.

Yep, the very same type of deliciously simple cookie your little sister produced the church roasted sale, year after year. 


Chocolate love husband Bunches the Oats must have read all the nice things I wrote about Nature Valley coco Oat Clusters, due to the fact that it yes, really stepped its game up for this 2016 revival. I’m having trouble finding anything bad to say around this cereal.

It more than likely seems like I’m influenced by nostalgia here, yet even there is no my happy storage of chocolate Honey Bunches, I’d very recommend this cereal as a satisfying breakfast, dessert, or midnight cocktail (the coco syrup endmilk from this cereal puts Nesquik come shame).

I encourage anyone to head come their regional grocery store and try a box, since you never understand when write-up might discontinue it again. Just make sure you acquire there before I do…

…because I arrangement to to buy a gorillion boxes.

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The Bowl: chocolate Honey Bunches the Oats

The Breakdown: A triumphant mix of chocolate-graham-cookie clusters and “cocoarn” flakes renders for a triumphant grain return. Welcome back, old friend.

The Bottom Line: 10 discarded, tear-stained Polaroids out of 10