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What is a bug? strictly speaking, a an insect is bug in the team Hemiptera – the must have piercing mouthparts. Cicadas space Hemiptera, however spiders aren’t.

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What is a bug?

Strictly speaking, a pest is bug in the group Hemiptera – that must have piercing mouthparts. Cicadas are Hemiptera, yet spiders aren’t.

Often though, ‘bug’ means a creepy-crawly in daily conversation. It refers to land arthropods through at least six legs, such as insects, spiders, and centipedes.

What are arthropods? They’re pets with exoskeletons – your skeleton is ~ above the outside.

The main types of bugs


Insects have six legs and also their body has actually three major segments:

the head – includes eyes, mouthparts, and antennaethe thorax – includes legs and also sometimes wingsthe abdomen – includes gut, reproductive organs, and also sometimes a stinger

Examples of insects are dragonflies, flies, fleas, butterflies, moths, cicadas, beetles, bees, ants, and wasps.

Most insects undergo metamorphosis. That’s once a grub-like larva transforms right into a really different-looking adult.



Jewel beetles, Buprestidae, Worldwide, 2016. Dare Papa


The easiest means to recognise one arachnid is to count the legs. They have eight legs and no wings.

Not all arachnids room spiders. Other examples are scorpions, mites, ticks, false scorpions, and harvestmen.

Arachnids have actually two key body segments. Yet these deserve to look favor one, as in ticks.

Arachnids nothing undergo metamorphosis – they save their shape.



Orb-web spider, 2016. Te Papa


Myriapods room wingless bugs with several body segments. Many of the segments bring a pair of foot (two pairs in millipedes). They commonly grow by forming extra segments.

Examples the myriapods are centipedes and also millipedes.

Did you know? ‘’ method 100 legs, but no centipede varieties has ever been found with specifically 100 legs! That’s due to the fact that they constantly have one odd variety of leg pairs.

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New Zealand huge centipede, 2016. Te Papa

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