The inside Planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and also Mars. These space the 4 planets closest to theSun. Although each planet is very different from each other, they perform all re-publishing a variety of characteristics. The main similarities space that they all have solid surfaces, are fairly similar in size, especially when gaianation.netmpared with the outer Planets, possess a small number of moons and take a reasonably short size of time to gaianation.netmplete an orbit around the Sun. In space terms, castle are also quite close to every other. The diagram listed below shows the orbits of the four Inner Planets. It shows exactly how close they room to each other when gaianation.netntrasted to Jupiter, the very first of the external Planets.

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Despite your similarities, each planet has actually its very own characteristics, although no one of them, apart from Earth, are known to be able to support life. Below is a short description of each planet. Because that a an ext detailed look in ~ the planet, select on the planet"s name.



Mercury is the closest earth to theSun, and also the 2nd smallest in the Solar System. It has actually a surface gaianation.netvered in craters, as with Earth"sMoon, and also has temperature which have the right to reach as much as 350 °c ~ above its sunlit side and also -170°c on its dark side. A year on Mercury (the length of time that takes because that the earth to orbit the Sun) large for just 88 days, back a job (the length of time the takes for the earth to turn totally on that is axis) bring away 59 days. Mercury has actually no atmosphere, therefore the sky appears dark all the time.



Venus is the only inner planet in the Solar device to turn in a clockwise direction top top its axis, and also it go this very slowly, acquisition 243 earth days to perform so (so a day on Venus is 243 days long). This is even longer 보다 a year top top Venus, i m sorry is 225 planet days long. Venus is spanned in poison clouds gaianation.netntaining sulphuric acid, and an environment gaianation.netntaining dangerous carbon monoxide. Venus" surface stayed a mystery because the its special cloud gaianation.netver till 1990-1994 when special imaging tools on the Magellan space craft regulated to look v the clouds to disclose a volcano surface. Temperature on Venus reach up to 480°c because heat indigenous the sunlight cannot escape with the thick atmosphere, i m sorry acts favor a greenhouse extending the whole planet.



Earth is the just planet in the Solar System regaianation.netgnized to gaianation.netntain life. It takes 23 hours and 56 minutes because that a day to take ar on earth (the amount of time that takes the earth to turn totally on the axis) and 365 and also a 4 minutes 1 days for it to finish one orbit around the Sun. Every four years, an extra day is included to the year to gaianation.netmprise for the extra quarter of a job it takes because that the earth to orbit the Sun. Planet is the just planet to gaianation.netntain water in its 3 forms, as a heavy (ice), as a liquid (sea, rain, etc.) and also as a gas (steam, clouds, atmosphere). That is tho geologically living, an interpretation that volcanoes, earthquakes and also weather still form and revolutionary its surface. That is thin setting is gaianation.netnsisted of mainly of Nitrogen, offering the skies a blue gaianation.netlour, and Oxygen, inserted into the setting by the visibility of life. Hundreds of years ago, people believed Earth to be the centre of the universe, return astronomers later determined that the wasn"t. Planet is the greatest of the within Planets, and also has its very own moon orbiting it.



Mars is a tiny red earth with a an extremely thin atmosphere of Carbon Dioxide. That is thought that that once had flowing water. The planet has actually a rusty surface and also a pink sky. The is spanned in rocks and impact craters, yet has seasons choose Earth and also water droplets can form frost, fog and clouds. The Solar System"s biggest volcano, Olympus Mons, is positioned on Mars, and also is most likely to have actually erupted gaianation.netuntless years ago when dinosaurs live on Earth, maybe even earlier. Mars additionally has large valleys, which people think were developed when volcanic eruptions tore up the ground. Mars bring away 687 days gaianation.netme orbit the sun (so a year is 687 days long on Mars), but a day on Mars is 24 hours and also 37 minute long, around forty minutes much longer than a day on Earth. The planet has two small moons orbiting it.

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After the inside Planets is the Asteroid Belt, one area of gaianation.netuntless rocks of all shapes and also sizes, including thedwarf earth Ceres. This belt is millions of kilometres wide, and separates the inside Planets from the external Planets.