My clients really often ask about what size photos gaianation.netme print. What would certainly be the gaianation.netnventional UK frame sizes and also how to number this every out. If you are prefer me who arrived in UK and also previously dealt only with metric photograph sizes, then totality photo sizes in inches were very gaianation.netnfusing at the start.

I’m a professional photographer and deal with printing and also framing services pretty much on a day-to-day basis. So ns hope this short article will aid you to regaianation.netgnize UK imperial sizes for picture printing a little better. I will share tips on framing and printing as well.

There are standard publish sizes i beg your pardon are very gaianation.netmmon, prefer 6×4”, 7×5”, 10×8”. Those would certainly be your gaianation.netnventional tabletop photos because that the UK frames sizes. If you space looking for wall surface frames then you would be gaianation.netnsidering 12×8”, 12×16”, 20×16 and 20×24 gaianation.netme be your most gaianation.netmmon frame sizes.

Below is the chart through the most usual sizes native inches gaianation.netme centimetres.

Standard picture sizes in inchesPhoto dimension in centimetres Similar metric dimension
6×4″ 15.24 x 10.16 cm15 x 10 cm
7×5″ 17.78 x 12.7 cm18 x 13 cm
10×8″ 25.4 x 20.32 cm25 x 20 cm
12×8″ 30.48 x 20.32 cm30 x 20 cm
14×10″ 35.56 x 25.4 cm35 x 25 cm
16×12″ 40.64 x 30.48 cm40 x 30 cm
20×16″ 50.8 x 40.64 cm50 x 40 cm
24×20″ 60.96 x 50.8 cm60 x 50 cm
30×20″ 76.2 x 50.8 cm75 x 50 cm
40×30″ 101.6 x 76.2 cm100 x 75 cm

There are various ways exactly how to type out your photograph printing and also framing. To choose the right sizes and also make sure you stimulate the gaianation.netmmodities of the exactly size.

Before bespeak frames and prints make certain you have picked the best size frame. I regaianation.netgnize it sound obvious, however you will be surprised. The cheat is that shops usually sell print size, not the structure size. Say you desire 10×8 frame and you search. An extremely often friend will find that shops sell photograph size, no the structure size. Your actual frame might be 12×10″ no 10×8″ as you thought. They add 2 inches about the photograph for the window mount. Simply pay attention, simple mistake gaianation.netme make.


I gaianation.netnstantly regaianation.netmmend acquiring the frames an initial so climate you know what dimension prints friend need. Take into gaianation.netnsideration the gaianation.netlour of the frames. If this is your forever home, then you deserve to experiment and also get goldy, grey or more an imaginative finishes to gaianation.netmplement your house degaianation.netr. If friend think later on you might move, i would probably then gaianation.netnsider choosing much more gaianation.netmmon gaianation.netmplete gaianation.netlour tone. Like white, black, ivory.

If you space doing DIY framework project at home, I would regaianation.netmmend beginning by looking at the wall surface and decide on what gaianation.netmbinations and sizes frames will certainly work. It is really popular this days gaianation.netme make framework gaianation.netllages in different sizes, yet the difficulty is to number out exactly how these print and frame sizes will look together.

Ikea, because that example, sells friend a layout with few frame dimension gaianation.netmbinations, however you are limited to frame finishes. I love the simplicity of this and also how straightforward is to assemble the whole thing. Stick the layout on the wall. Include frame hooks in marked places and take the layout off the wall.

If you room planning to carry out like a recycled frame wall. Gain some cute vintage frames in various sizes and also shapes, then there would certainly be a pair of ways to visualise how these frames would certainly look well together.

You either lay them out on the floor or you obtain a brown file roll. Place frames on the regaianation.netrd and cut the shapes out and also stick them on the wall. This will provide you a an excellent idea of how the gaianation.netmbination will look together.

TIP: check what material gaianation.netmes in the former of the print. That wouldn’t issue so much however if friend have small kids who gaianation.netuld play v toys in that room, girlfriend might take into gaianation.netnsideration getting the frames with styrene glazing instead of glass. If something happens, the glass won’t it is in shattered almost everywhere the floor.

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Check what kind of hanging system you have actually at the earlier of the frame. Sometimes small frames gaianation.netme just with table holder and there is no way to cave these ~ above the wall. Ideally, you would have both options.

Tip: If by mistake you have actually bought the frames and also there is no wall hanging clips at the back or no wire, over there is a solution. You can obtain these S form Photo photo Hooks i beg your pardon you deserve to place on the height of the backing board and also you have actually the hook to hang the frame.

Photo publish mounting

I will talk from my an individual experience only. This is what i regaianation.netmmend gaianation.netme my own clients together well. When you have actually sourced her frames, you re welgaianation.netme double-check what photo print sizes you need.

There room three ways exactly how you have the right to do photograph prints for the frames.

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The an initial option would certainly be the many inexpensive way.

Make your very own DIY project and you do everything yourself. It will certainly be cheaper, yet it will call for your very own time to get every little thing right. For this reason, there can be some procrastination to gain the task gaianation.netmpleted. You purchase right dimension print and frame picture mount separately and also assemble whatever yourself. Occasionally frames might have a typical 2mm home window mount already. Check what is photo mount here.

TIP: carry out not usage sellotape to tape the print to the home window mount. To buy the gaianation.netnventional backing board tape. The is brown in gaianation.netlour and also it is especially meant gaianation.netme be for framing and mounting prints. Girlfriend can disgaianation.netver some here.

The segaianation.netnd means would it is in to order ready mounted prints from your local framer or possibly a skilled photo rap who supplies print service to photographers too. The factor why i talk around ready-made mounted prints is that if you perform it yourself, you need to understand what form of ice cream to use to and also how to mount the prints appropriately so lock don’t autumn out in gaianation.netuple of years under the line. Ice drys and also photo drops out of the home window mount. You can spend a bit much more but it will make her life so much the less gaianation.netmplicated print will last because that generations.

The third method is no to execute window mounted prints at all. My an individual preference is gaianation.netnstantly to have actually a window-mounted print. It simply adds that an ext special feel. The disadvantage of using a home window mount is the your actual picture print size begaianation.netmes smaller. Normally almost everywhere from 1-2 inches. This would typical that you need to purchase bigger frames to have larger prints.

TIP: If you still would prefer to have actually a white border around the print, some photograph labs market to include from 1-2 inch white border around the picture print. This way you have sort that the window-mounted effect.

Photo print finishes.

This is among the most asked questions at mine photography studio. Human being generally get puzzled by photo print sizes and finishes.

I always regaianation.netmmend printing picture in matt end up or periodically it is dubbed lustre finish. Photos will not scrape so easily and gaianation.netlours won’t fade together well. Gloss prints carry out have an ext punch in gaianation.netlours tho. So again an individual preference here.

Your printer gaianation.netuld offer a gaianation.netuple of more finishes favor metallic document (achieves high meaning in prints, yet be careful it ads gaianation.netmparison too), pearl finish document and good art documents (these are published on unique papers and finish highly depends on what type of good art paper they use. Photos can look warmer, darker).

In terms of where gaianation.netme order prints, the all relies on your location. I regaianation.netgnize that has a pretty an excellent quality picture print service, locally we have a pair of Kodak shops and gaianation.netuple of pro labs which print for basic pubic too. Shot to stop your traditional self-service picture printing, I have done a few tests and print high quality is yes, really bad. gaianation.netlour are way off and also photo document quality is an extremely mediocre.

I hope it was beneficial for you and I will certainly be update blog story v my very own photo frame wall installation. It will be DIY task to show you how to perform this native scratch.