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In other words, 33 square feet is 0.761 times the size of a King size Bed, and the dimension of a King dimension Bed is 1.31 times that amount.
(North American/Australian standard; length; mattress only)A King-Size mattress actions 43.40 square feet in full area. Although many antique bed were smaller sized than modern beds, it was not unusual for beds in the medieval Europe to reach 53.80 square feet because that those in positions of riches or power.
In other words, 33 square feet is 2.8288 times the size of a bathtub Towel, and the size of a bath Towel is 0.35351 times that amount.
(for Fieldcrest high-end Solid Towels)Bath towels typically measure 142.24 cm (56 in) by 76.2 cm (30 in), because that a total area of around 11.6660 square feet. The city the Bursa, Turkey is recognized as the birthplace the the modern-day towel.
In other words, 33 square feet is 0.204 time the dimension of a Parking Space, and the dimension of a Parking an are is 4.9 times that amount.
(a.k.a Parking Stall) (average; surface ar lot; north America)An average-size parking an are in a phibìc American surface lot steps 161 square feet. Due to the high real estate prices at the time, parking spaces in a densely-populated component of Manhattan would offer for an typical of $165,000 in 2007, v some spaces fetching approximately $225,000.
In various other words, 33 square feet is 30.4 times the size of an plane Tray Table, and also the size of an airplane Tray Table is 0.033 times that amount.
(average)With large variation among different models that airplanes, in-flight tray tables measure roughly 41.2 cm (16.5 in) x 24.1 centimeter (9.5 in) for a total area the 1.09 square feet. Flight safety rules need that the tray tables be upright and locked during takeoff and also landing so regarding reduce the risk of passenger abdominal injury.
In various other words, 33 square feet is 76.61 times the dimension of an Apple iPad, and the size of an Apple iPad is 0.0131 times that amount.
(for 9.7 inch, apple iPad wait MD785LL/B) one Apple iPad measures 23 cm (9.4 in) x 17 centimeter (6.6 in) because that a total device area the 0.43080 square feet. The base version iPad Air features 16 GB of storage capacity.
In other words, 33 square feet is 0.01175214 times the dimension of a Tennis court, and also the size of a Tennis court is 85.09091 times that amount.
(per ITF specification; for doubles)Per international Tennis Federation rule of Tennis 2009, a doubles tennis court have to measure 23.7744 m long by 10.9728 m, because that a full area of around 2,806.79730 square feet. Courts may be surfaced through crushed red stone, shale, brick, hard-soil grass, or asphalt.
In various other words, 33 square feet is 0.00866 times the dimension of an IMAX screen, and also the size of one IMAX display is 115.5 times that amount.

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(standard)An IMAX movie theater display measures 22 m (72 ft) by 16 m (52 ft) for a complete area of 3,813 square feet. Since the film provided in one IMAX movie is more than eight times larger than constant film, the platters that a two-and-a-half hour attribute film have the right to weigh up to 250 kg (550 lbs).
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