TAG Heuer is attached come connotations the prestige lugged by the horological advancements that the brand made and the association v glamorous and also dangerous races and movie-star race vehicle drivers. The an innovator in the field of horology, through such accolades together being the an initial to create a chronograph dashboard clock and also incorporating a rotating bezel into the design of a watch. This so plainly demonstrates why tag Heuer the town hall are frequently replicated on the black market. To safeguard yourself indigenous falling because that a fake tags Heuer clock scam, monitor this overview we’ve placed together to separating a genuine TAG Heuer native a counterfeit.

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The DialThough sign Heuer watches tend to operation at a much an ext affordable price suggest than, say, a Rolex or an Omega, the brand never ever sacrifices the high quality of its products for cheap production. The dial is always very telling as soon as it pertains to sussing out a counterfeit watch, and because the dials on sign Heuer watches are made come fit the brand’s exacting specifications, even the little mistake will certainly be a clear giveaway come the timepiece’s artifice.

The FaceLike all high-end watches, sign Heuer models have actually sapphire decision guarding the face of the watch. This product is scratch-resistant and also incredibly refined. To test whether the product on the confront of your watch is sapphire decision or just plain old glass, smear a fall of water or 2 on the surface. Sapphire crystal need to not disturb the water’s surface ar tension, therefore it need to pool with each other on the crystal. Top top glass, however, the water would certainly disperse unevenly.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 SubDials

The SubdialsOn watches favor the sign Heuer Carrera or the Formula 1, which room renowned for their impeccably specific chronograph function, the is especially important to test the end the subdials to make sure that they room operational. First of all, each subdial must have actually a different set of numbers the it uses to measure up time, as each one has a different purpose. Secondly, each chronograph subdial must have actually a pusher that corresponds to it, for this reason play approximately with the pushers over and listed below the crown the the watch to make sure that both the subdials and also the pushers are all functional.

The CaseThe Bezel TAG Heuer was one of the very first watchmakers to outfit your timepieces through a rotating tachymeter bezel therefore that chauffeurs who use TAG Heuer watches might time themselves and gauge how far they’ve gone simply by glancing at their watch. Together such, the rotating bezel ~ above a actual TAG Heuer watch need to be impeccably designed. Test this the end by rotating that on the clock you’re looking it: an authentic watch have to rotate easily and also should be accompanied by the correct variety of clicks. A forged sign Heuer’s bezel can not rotate as conveniently or click correctly.

The CrownThe exact same test have to be performed on the crown. Authentic tag Heuer watches have a amazing winding system that makes it virtually effortless to wind the watch: the motion is therefore smooth and easy that some say that hardly also feels like you’re winding the watch at all! on a counterfeit watch, naturally, you would feel the changing of the watch’s movement inside and also experience some resistance. Depending on how daunting it is come wind the watch, it could even it is in indicative the a damaged or at least cheaply-made watch movement.


On a metal caseback, the model number, serial number, and also water resistance will additionally be accompanied by a high-quality laser sculpture of the tag Heuer logo. On a crystal caseback, the watch’s information will be engraved ~ above the rim about the sides of the crystal.

When checking a watch’s authenticity, the is likewise helpful to double check the model and serial numbers on the watch. This chart will allow you come cross-reference the version number on the watch you’re spring at through the official version number codes that the brand supplies so the you have the right to authenticate her watch. Girlfriend could also call ~ above your neighborhood TAG Heuer retailer to look increase the watch’s serial number because that you.

The BraceletTAG Heuer’s bracelets, choose the remainder of the watch, are impeccably made. As such, you can expect castle to be expertly crafted, with high-quality parts. Counterfeiters regularly won’t take the moment to do this part of the watch accurate to the brand’s specifications, therefore pay attention to this, as well. Every single component of each link should it is in made v separate, high-quality pieces of metal.


This is specifically important come remember once it involves the tags Heuer attach collection. This watches room fitted with distinctive “S-shaped” bracelets that are made with separate pieces of metal made to fit together perfectly. Rather of using different pieces that metal, forgers will often just etch a heat in the center of each connect to make it look choose they’re separate, yet they really aren’t. This is a far-reaching clue to a counterfeit watch, so examine the bracelet carefully if you thinking about purchasing a watch that might look prefer a tag Heuer Link.

The PapersThough a box and also papers of certification usually typical that a clock is authentic, even these have the right to be forged or faked. One means to tell whether a tags Heuer watch’s certification is real is come look for the embossed holographic seal on the document. The should additionally carry the distinct serial number the matches the one engraved top top the watch’s caseback. This serial number should likewise be may be to it is in cross-referenced with TAG Heuer’s documents to authenticate the watch.

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If you are still uncertain around the authenticity of your watch, we recommend the you take it it to a professional watchmaker who can open the caseback and, by evaluating the watch’s movement, should have the ability to verify the authenticity that the timepiece. And also if you have any kind of other questions, gaianation.net’s assistance team is right here to help! find their call information here.