Facebook, end time, has actually introduced numerous privacy features, the most vital being the privacy setup for the friends-list to offer its users full control over their profile. Facebook has actually a friend list alternative on the user’s profile page, located listed below the cover photo, on the left side. Through default, it is set to display all of your friends come everyone who sees your profile.

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You are cost-free to make alters in the privacy settings if you don’t desire to publicly display screen your friend perform to the civilization of unknown strangers. The biggest social networking platform offers a plethora that security options under privacy setup to help the users stay secured. This method you deserve to hide your Friends list from the general public, from details friends, or indigenous everyone.

Here’s exactly how to hide friends perform on facebook Android

You have the right to hide common friends perform on facebook using any device, consisting of iOS, Android, or also your desktop. The best component is you have the right to hide the friend perform from even a details person or from everyone other than someone.

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Simple measures on exactly how to hide common friends on facebook Android

·Open facebook on your Android phone

·Tap ~ above the food selection bar

·Scroll down and also click on ‘Settings and also Privacy’

·Tap ~ above ‘Who have the right to see her friends list?’. You will have the ability to locate this tab under the ‘How world Find and also Contact You’ header.

·Here, tap on ‘Only Me’


To hide shared friends from facebook timeline, monitor these straightforward steps:

·Open facebook account

·Go come Profile

·From there, walk to activity Log

·Here, Tap on Friends. Then pick your friends which you desire to hide together ‘Mutual’

·Click on ‘Save Settings’

This technique needs to be performed again and also again together you cannot hide all mutual friends in ~ once.

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We hope this post on just how to hide shared friends on on facebook will sort out privacy problems. Authorize in because that our news for an ext handy tips and also tricks.