Most, if not all, that us, are acquainted with them and happily include them in our day-to-day diet.

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But go you recognize that eggplants space botanically berries and not vegetables?

They belong come the same family group together watermelon, tomatoes, or blueberries – all identified by their usual ovary wall, i beg your pardon ripens entirely into an edible pericarp.


However, in the cook world, eggplants are supplied as vegetables.

There are more ways than one to relish aubergines – steam, fry, and also bake.

If you love eggplants and buy lock frequently, you’ll probably realize the they might not have actually the longest shelf life.

Aubergines or eggplants space rich resources of essential nutrients and also fiber.

They additionally have a low-calorie content. If girlfriend live in a family members where eggplants are constant fixtures in the pantry, girlfriend may uncover this article helpful.

In it, us shall go through commonly asked questions, together as, exactly how long go an egg plant last?

And also, how do you know if one eggplant has gone bad?

How lengthy Does eggplant Last? walk Eggplant go Bad?

Much like various other fruits and also vegetables, aubergines don’t remain fresh for too long.

So if you carry eggplants residence from the store and also you save them at room temperature, you have actually three to five days till they begin to go bad.

If you want to save time top top the weekdays, you deserve to pre-cut the eggplants and refrigerate castle in an airtight container.


Even then, you have three days in ~ the most to consume the reduced eggplants.

If you’ve cooked the eggplant right into a curry or dish, it will retain its top quality for increase to 5 days.

If you’re used to shoving every groceries and packaged food alike into the refrigerator, you have to hear this. The fridge is no the best place to store aubergines.

These ‘berries’ last longer when lock are retained at room temperature (unless they are cut).

Keep them far from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place. Also, contradictory to renowned belief, sealing eggplants in a plastic bag go not boost their shelf life.

Doing this, in fact, increases their disc process. If you firmly insist on no leaving the eggplants the end on your own, you deserve to place lock in a vented bowl.

Store eggplant in the refrigerator for days ~ above end, and also you’re most likely to notice pits and also bronzing in ~ its surface.

Cut the egg plant open, and you’ll see that that seeds and also pulp show signs that browning.

It may still be it s okay to eat the eggplant, however it has actually passed its optimal quality.

Like carrots and cucumbers, eggplants are temperature-sensitive and also decay much faster when based on low temperatures because that an extended period of time.

Eggplants are likewise sensitive to ethylene, i beg your pardon is a natural gas responsible for quick ripening and eventual spoiling of specific foods.

To allow your batch that eggplants to enjoy their full 5 days of shelf life, keep it different from other ethylene-sensitive foods items such together melons, bananas, and tomatoes.

How to Tell if an eggplant is Bad? eggplant Shelf Life!

If an eggplant feels soft and is discolored, it might be time to toss it out.

There have actually been time when people simply reduced off the eggplant’s soft and also spongy parts and used the continuing to be part.

This is something many of us do, yet it is no ideal, uneven the ‘rotting’ component is relatively small.


An aubergine that has actually passed the prime additionally tends to be wrinkly and also feels mushy once you use pressure on its surface.

If her acquaintance through eggplants is relatively new, the following heads-up will certainly prove helpful.

If you reduced open an eggplant and an alert that it is contempt brown ~ above the inside, don’t worry about it.

This ‘discoloration’ is the result of oxidation. The eggplant is still good to eat.

The within of one eggplant likewise tends to rotate brown quickly after you slice it. This browning happens since of enzymatic browning.

It is quite normal and also does not suggest that the egg plant is spoiled.


An egg plant is in ~ its optimal quality as long as it looks and also feels taut. Once at that is prime, an eggplant’s surface ar is thin and glossy.

Cut the open, and its flesh is cream-colored and the seed visible.

Picking the perfect eggplant calls for its own technique, much like picking out the finest butternut squash or brussel sprouts in ~ the supermarket. All this will come to you with time.

An eggplant, when cooked, take away on a soft texture quickly. There are tons of various ways to encompass aubergines in your day-to-day diet.

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Treat your taste sprout by trying out as many eggplant recipes together you can. Just remember that everything you do, the is recommended the you never eat an eggplant raw.