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Is the true that GN"R"s Slash inspired you to have stage names?

"That"s true."

You probably thought the name cut was super cool when you to be a kid...

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"A small bit, but it was an ext like us were component of a hardcore scene the was very judgmental. We knew the it would piss world off if we had actually stage names - and we loved pissing world off.

"And weapons N" Roses are one of the large boy bands. Girlfriend know, lock were above all that. We were like, "We"re gonna make some fake names and also we"re simply gonna stick the out through them." and then currently you have a bunch of 36-year-old men with phase names. It"s even gonna it is in worse when we"re 80. ."

Did you succeed in pissing off the hardcore kids with the phase names?

"Oh yeah. Absolutely. They"re not hard to piss off."

Asked around the earliest job of his music journey, Matt replied:

"I was absolutely not singing. I was just listening. I didn"t desire to be a singer, man. I got required into it. "

When go you start singing then?

"We started a punk band and also we were just like... Ns played piano. Ns don"t have a perfect pitch whereby I can tell friend what notes room being played, however I can constantly sing whatever notes room being played. And also I can figure out my means around what"s walk on.

"So i guess I had actually a natural ear for it. You come to be the singer when you"re in high school and also people are starting bands. And so like, "I guess ns gotta sing. I"m the only one that deserve to sing in key.""

Tell me about Matt Wendt.

"Matt Wendt to be a good friend that ours the was right into all the punk absent that we were into. That was just one that our finest friends. Us played sporting activities with him, played music with him growing up... And then, friend know, in ~ some point he decided that he was gonna go to college.

"We actually experienced Matt Wendt a pair of months ago on our critical tour. He come out come the san Francisco present with his wife. And he"s awesome. He"s obtained his family and also he"s law politics and he"s doing his thing. It"s awesome. It was good to check out him."

Is it true that your 2001 debut album "Sounding the seventh Trumpet" was tape-recorded for simply $2,000 and that The Rev recorded all the drums in just one take?

"It"s true."

Were girlfriend blown away that he walk it every in just one take?

"No, due to the fact that we just knew Jimmy. It"s him. Through the end, over there was prefer mistakes and also he simply wouldn"t redo them since he to be gonna damage his one take.

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"And as you listen the document progressed... Since a many the song at the finish of the record were recorded later and you could just view it it s okay sloppier and sloppier. And also it to be awesome. It to be fun.

"No click track obviously. It to be just anywhere the place. He just played it. And also he simply wanted to do it in one take. And he went approximately town informing everyone, "One take.""