I have been can not to uncover an etymology because that the term cottage Cheese in gaianation.net. Interestingly, the Hebrew Wikipedia lists the etymology as being due to cottage cheese being all set from the wastes of other milk products, for this reason its association through the poor and named after ~ houses typical of the poor. The gaianation.net Wikipedia has a single line alluding to such with no reference, and the Hebrew reference is rather dubious as well.

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It"s no to carry out with cheap/expensive - it"s like nation wine, which nevertheless Wikipedia"s definition, i take to mean capable of gift made top top a little scale, without use of industrial production facilities. That"s the core sense of cottage industry and cottage hospital, so ns imagine it"s the same basic idea with cheese.

I"m no cook/cheesemaker, but I"d it is in pretty certain cottage cheese is much easier to do at home with minimal specialist tools than, say, Cheddar, or Brie.

EDIT: I watch others pointing out that Wikipedia says the hatchet was an initial recorded in 1848. That"s finish tosh. Here, for example, is an 1831 reference - i m sorry I"m sure is nowhere near "first use".


Cottage industry, cottage hospital, cottage cheese - all indicate something small-scale, local, (domestic?). A cottage being a tiny dwelling of the countryside populace.

From the Wikipedia article:

The hatchet "cottage cheese" is believed to have originated due to the fact that the an easy cheese was commonly made in cottages from any kind of milk left over after making butter. The hatchet was very first used in 1848

Cottage cheese is no matured like various other cheeses. The small-scale production techniques probably median the facilities to safely and successfully execute this were not available to the humble residential cheese producers so your product was sold "fresh".


Unsourced speculation this; however:

I think it"s wrong to equate "cottage" with real poverty. Just the an extremely wealthy would live in a lock or a mansion. A successful farmer might live in a cottage. (cf ann Hathaway"s Cottage; family members dwelling of wilhelm Shakespeare"s wife).

Making "proper" cheese is an associated procedure, involving months of attended maturation. Even in the middle Ages, you would buy cheese native a expert cheesemaker fairly than make her own.

Cottage cheese, however, is easy to do in the home. Warmth some milk, litter in a curdling agent (rennet), squeeze the end the fluid whey, and also it"s ready. Therefore it"s something someone would certainly make in their cottage, quite than purchase in.


Cottage cheese is among those food words that varies geographically; in fact, it"s been offered in numerous dialect surveys together an indicator of dialect boundaries.

For instance, the following terms space (or have actually been) provided for the very same product in various American locations: cottage cheese, pot cheese, curds and whey, farmer cheese, and also smearcase (the last is one Anglicization that Pennsylvania German Schmierkees, from German Schmierkäse).

I have no firsthand expertise of just how the ax cottage cheese came right into use in the 1840"s, so will quote from wikipedia:

The hatchet "cottage cheese" is thought to have actually originated due to the fact that the straightforward cheese was usually made in cottages from any kind of milk left over after do butter. The ax was very first used in 1848.

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Wikipedia qualities the information to etymonline, wherein we find:

First document of head cheese is native 1848.

Etymonline likewise has a attach to dictionary.reference.com, i m sorry in a linked entry states of cottage cheese,

Origin: 1840–50, Americanism

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