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Photo the David Blaine through Specs212 (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons

David Blaine was born in Brooklyn ~ above April 4, 1972.

His mommy was a Russian Jew, who lugged David increase single-handed after ~ his father wilhelm Perez, an Italian-Puerto Rican veteran the the Vietnam War, exit the family.

When, in November 2006, David Blaine arranged the after spinning inside a gyroscope above brand-new York for almost three work he would lead 100 underprivileged kids chosen by The Salvation military on a purchase spree, he pointed out that The Salvation military had provided him with clothes when he was a child.

David Blaine to be born through his feet rotate in and also had come wear braces on his legs. That was additionally asthmatic.

David Blaine started doing map tricks once he was an extremely young, and also in the 1990s he established a reputation for nearby magic.

David Blaine"s mother passed away of cancer once he remained in his late teens.

According to the BBC"s file of David Blaine, he walked right into ABC"s Manhattan office in 1997 and also performed map tricks and then levitated in the boardroom come secure the the supervisory board of the alphabet special, David Blaine: Street Magic.

It was magic v a difference in terms of its performer, the filming style and also the types of illusions and it refreshed the magic genre.

Blaine can be amusing around other practitioners, for example, The Guardian reports how he said the Oxford Union:

"Derren Brown is a an excellent guy yet I go say to him, "Why don"t you usage a real gun and a genuine bullet and just fire it at her hand so that you have actually a one in six possibility of acquiring your hand puffy off yet you don"t die?""

Blaine has stood on an 80 foot pole in Manhattan because that 34 hours, spent 61 hrs encased in a block of ice, been hidden underground in a coffin for a week, and also spent 44 days suspended in a glass box with no food over the Thames (during i m sorry David Blaine lost virtually 30% of his human body weight and also suffered indigenous malnutrition).

Blaine"s accomplishments have been documented in television programmes favor David Blaine: over the Below, David Blaine: Vertigo, David Blaine: Fearless, and David Blaine: Frozen in Time.

Blaine has actually a variety of tattoos including Primo Levi"s concentration-camp number top top his left arm and also a J end his heart after going out v the version Josie Maran.

In might 2006, David Blaine failure to break the people record because that holding one"s breath under water. Blaine spent 7 minutes and also eight secs holding his breath prior to being rescued - the was approximately two minutes quick of the record. The record attempt was the finale after ~ David Blaine had actually spent 7 days under water in brand-new York receiving food and air with tubes. N April 2008, David Blaine set a civilization record by holding his breath underwater for 17 minutes and four seconds. Blaine carry out the feat on Oprah Winfrey"s TV show.

In September 2008, David Blaine test to hang upside under for nearly three days. He was hoisted by his heels end the Wollmann ice cream rink in new York top top 22 September.

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In 2011, David Blaine and his then fiancée, Alizee Guinochet had actually a baby girl. David and also Alizee subsequently damaged up.In 2013 and also 2016, the performed for celebrities for abc specials entitled, Real or Magic and also Beyond Magic.In 2020, he had an ABC special David Blaine: The Magic Way.In September 2020, David Blaine"s live stunt Ascension, in which he flew end the Arizona desert utilizing helium balloons, ended up being the most-watched YouTube original Live Event.