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The David Copperfield Statue of Liberty disappearing act to be David Copperfield"s ideal trick by far. Throughout a live TV event in April 1983, the illusion consisted of an audience sit on Liberty Island, facing the Statue of Liberty.

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After Copperfield raises a paper to reveal the statue, the statue appears to be gone. Come prove to the target audience the the statue is no there, a helicopter soars above, while searchlights relocate throughout the area.

Copperfield remarked the the usage of the illusion to be emphasizing the benefits of independence and also how priceless liberty is – and additionally how easily it can be lost. Copperfield claimed he might show v magic the way in which we take the freedom for granted. Below, we detail an ext about the David Copperfield Statue that Liberty disappearing trick.

David Copperfield Statue that Liberty – Making that Disappear

In stimulate to effectively pull off this trick, Copperfield had a setup that 2 towers onstage, supporting an arch to organize the huge curtain offered for concealing the statue. The TV cameras, as well as the live audience, were just able to check out the monument v the arch.

When the curtains shut, David waxed poetic if the communication was gradually yet imperceptibly turned.

As quickly as the curtains opened, the frosting was concealed behind one of the towers, as well as having the onlookers misdirected to look out to the sea. Voila! The famed monument had disappeared native sight.

Whether or no it had not totally hidden the statue, the towers had actually been so brightly lit the the anyone watching would be night-blinded.

Copperfield had also collection up 2 ring of lights, one around Liberty and second set increase elsewhere. As the trick "happened," Copperfield’s assistants just switched off the lights roughly the statue and switched top top the additional set for the helicopters to circle around.

Copperfield’s most Memorable Illusions

David Copperfield has been entertaining and surprising audiences through brilliant illusions he has actually crafted for years. Below, we’ve bring away a glimpse at his ideal stunts, from making it the end alive native Niagara falls to walking through the good Wall of China.

Without additional ado, get ready to be amazed by several of Copperfield"s finest illusions.

Surviving Niagara Falls



In a 1986 TV very special, Copperfield appears to go in the good Wall of China, walking right into one wall surface and the end the various other side a couple of minutes later on on.

As crowds on every side of the wall view David’s silhouette inside of a lighted box, he seems to go through the wall seamlessly.

He climate comes out of the opposite side of the wall. The market, able come hear his heartbeat v a love monitor – room privy to it flatlining just before he emerges.

Escaping indigenous Alcatraz

In 1987, David do his way to san Francisco to attempt to escape native Alcatraz, the former maximum-security commonwealth penitentiary when deemed to be more than likely the most impenetrable jail on the planet.



Copperfield common that together a kid, he was lonely and also quite often dreamed the flying. Return he"s ‘flown’ above stages in countless live shows, he initially did therefore in his 1992 TV special.

He starts turn off by having actually a bird land on him, marveling at its capacity to take it flight. He then takes flight himself, relocating gracefully throughout the air, and making aides spin large hoops roughly him. Great to damn the illusion?

Copperfield "flies" by put on very solid cables that space actually managed by a an individual computer, and also are also thin to it is in noticeable.

Copperfield gained serenaded through singer Bonnie Tyler as he floated throughout Arizona’s grand Canyon during this famed 1984 stunt.

During this illusion, Copperfield is seen levitating through assorted sculptures prior to floating throughout the huge chasm. The stunt concludes through Copperfield ago on land, embracing Tyler.

David Copperfield Biography

By age sixteen, David Copperfield was to teach a training course in magic at new York Faculty. He went ~ above to carry out his magic accomplishments for an ext than 500 times a year.

As per Forbes magazine, Copperfield deserve fifty-seven million dollars in merchandise as well as tour revenue in 2005. By 2012, Copperfield’s network worth ballooned to an estimated $150 million.

Over a an extensive and marvelous career, Copperfield has actually received twenty-one Emmy Awards, plus opened up the Library and also Museum that the Conjuring arts (Las Vegas, Nevada).

Original Career and also Life

Born David Seth Kotkin on September sixteen, Jersey, in Metuchen, 1956, David Copperfield is classed amongst the world"s most significant magicians, and of course one of the world’s wealthiest entertainers.

Copperfield gained his exciting start through his magical talent at the age of twelve, once he ended up being probably the youngest human being to obtain admission right into the culture of American Magicians.

By period sixteen, the was teaching a magic training food at brand-new York University and as David Copperfield, obtaining the surname from a Charles Dickens novel. Following a quick stint in ~ Fordham Faculty, Copperfield was cast as the lead in the Chicago music The Magic Man.

Famed Magician and TV Personality

After The Magic guy turned out to it is in a success, Copperfield gained a task as a host of an abc special, within Copperfield progressed into a financially rewarding career. That went on to perform his magic feats for more than 500 time a year.

Over the prolonged career the his, Copperfield has actually earned twenty-one Emmy Awards, been given the title ‘Magician that the Century’ and receiving the very very first star ~ above the Hollywood go of Fame provided to a living magician, and also received the prestigious U.S. Library the Congress" living Legend Award.

As well together these coveted accolades, Copperfield got knightship through the French government, an respect bestowed top top him that no magician had yet come receive, including obtaining the Chevalier the Letters and arts.

Some other Projects

In 1982, Copperfield created Project Magic, a rehabilitation program which provides use the sleight-of-hand secret as a method of physics therapy.

The system is in reality accredited by the American occupational Therapy Association and is deserve to be uncovered to be used in clinics throughout the world.

Copperfield in addition opened the global Museum and also Library that the Conjuring arts in ras Vegas, Nevada, i beg your pardon is actually focused on maintaining the arts of magic intact, and having the world"s largest collection of magical artifacts.

David Copperfield to be famously interested in supermodel Claudia Schiffer in the so late 1990s, though the couple parted ways prior to the wedding.

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David Copperfield Statue the LibertyHis best Trick

Making the Statue that Liberty disappear is a benchmark magic cheat so outstanding in its principle that it was deemed nearly inconceivable to anyone.

Now girlfriend know, through a tiny sleight the hand, David Copperfield had the ability to pull off one of the biggest tricks of this century!