God speak at least ten methods in the Bible. It’s necessary to be aware of this ways, and also then come ask ourself if we room truly listening to Him. Permit me provide you a quick rundown of the means God speak as shown in the Bible. In order for united state to listen, it’s an important that we see not just that God speaks but also how that speaks.

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1.God deserve to speak v circumstances. God speak to Jonah an initial with His voice, but Jonah didn’t heed oh my god voice. So God spoke to Jonah through circumstances—first, being swallowed by a an excellent fish, and second when a vine prospered up to the shade Jonah, and also then the vine withered (Jonah 1–4). We must examine ours circumstances and ask if we room hearing the Lord with these circumstances. Questioning yourself two questions: those happening in my life best now? What is the Lord informing me through these circumstances?

2.God deserve to speak through wise counsel. This is presented all v Proverbs.When we seek godly counsel we deserve to hear the voice that God. This counsel constantly complements Scripture. Once we seek wise, godly mentors in the Lord, us don’t ask them to hear native God for us, but to prayerfully confirm that what we’ve heard from the lord is correct.

3.God deserve to speak v peace. I discussed Colossians 3:15 in an earlier chapter—that God’s peace can ascendancy in ours hearts. The word ruledoesn’t simply mean to simply exist. It way to reign or to be a deciding factor. If we don’t have actually peace around a decision, then it no from the Lord. Don’t relocate forward uneven you have actually peace.

4.God have the right to speak through people. This sample is presented all transparent the Bible.God brings wise and also godly people into the lives of others and also speaks v them.

5.God can speak through dreams and also visions. This pattern is displayed in the lives of Joseph, Solomon, Jacob, Peter, John, and Paul.This an approach is obtainable to us today too (see action 2:17 where Peter price quotes Joel 2:28).

6.God deserve to speak v our thoughts. Amos 4:13 claims that God makes recognized His means to us with our thoughts. In Matthew 1:19–21, if Joseph thought around things, God speak to him. We have to be cautious here because not every thought in our minds comes from the Lord. Thoughts can likewise be put in our minds native the Devil. And also we deserve to simply think up things on our own. Therefore every time we obtain a thought, we need to judge if the is from God. Does it align with Scripture? Does it in any method contradict the personality of God?

7.God have the right to speak through organic manifestations. Romans 1:18–20 states plainly that God deserve to make Himself recognized by nature. The voice the God deserve to be revealed v mountains, water, trees, meadows, landscapes, and also more. In john 12:27–30, God speak from heaven, but when God speak in this incident, some world who stood nearby thought they were hearing thunder. There’s the opportunity that this could happen today. Sometimes if us hear thunder, or view floods or hurricanes or high winds or volcanoes, it might actually be the voice that God.

8.God deserve to speak through mythological manifestations. God speak to Moses v a burning bush (Ex. 3:1–4). He spoke to Gideon through a fleece (Judg. 6:37–40). He spoke to Saul ~ above the Damascus roadway through a bright irradiate (Acts 9:1–5). He also spoke come Balaam through a cheat (Num. 22:1–35).

9. God can speak v the Bible.Scripture is always the voice of God in the general sense that God inspired the indigenous of bible (2 Tim. 3:16). God can likewise speak especially to us v the Bible, by drawing a details passage to our attention, due to the fact that the word of God is life and energetic (Heb. 4:12).

10.God can speak with a whisper. We questioned in an previously chapter just how God deserve to speak through a still little voice. He speak this way to Elijah (1 monarchs 19:12).

Again, the allude here is the if we are going to hear oh my gosh voice, climate we must listen to Him. We have to tune in come the frequency that heaven and hear the voice of God. Note the warning hosted out in Jeremiah 7:13: “While you have been sinning, I have actually been make the efforts to speak to you, however you refuse to listen” (CEV). Essentially, God is speak to the Israelites that they go any variety of wicked things, and He to be speaking and also speaking come them repeatedly around it, but they did no listen to Him.

I love the promise held out for united state in Romans 10:17: “So then belief comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” If you’ve ever met a human of good faith, then you’ve met a human being of good hearing that knows just how to hear to words of God.

We should truly listen to God. When we hear indigenous Him, then we have to act in faith. Have actually you heard from God and truly listened come His voice? then good, currently is the moment to move with confidence.

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