Half & Half aired top top UPN (now referred to as The CW) from 2002 come 2006. The collection followed the resides of 2 half-sisters named Mona (Rachel True) and DeeDee (Essence Atkins). In spite of their estranged partnership from childhood, both women try to kind a nearby friendship in your 20s. Return the present was the 2nd most-watched collection on UPN, beside Girlfriends, the display was brought to one abrupt end and left many viewers with a major cliffhanger. So, what contributed to the show’s cancellation?

‘Half & Half’ finds a brand-new home on Netflix

Time to pop bottlesThe following standard shows room coming come
Netflix (US)Moesha – Aug 1 The video game S1-3 – Aug 15Sister sisters – Sept 1 Girlfriends – Sept 11 The Parkers – Oct 1 fifty percent & half – Oct 15One ~ above One – Oct 15 come celebrate, here's a post from your faves: pic.twitter.com/zohNPEo0rz

— solid Black lead (
strongblacklead) July 29, 2020

In July 2020, Netflix announced they obtained the legal rights to seven classic Black sitcoms. Together Half & Half, the streaming platform acquired the rights to Moesha, Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, The Parkers, and also One ~ above One, together reported by Forbes.

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Netflix’s strong Black lead made the main announcement on your Twitter account. The promotional video clip featured actors members indigenous the seven shows, including Atkins and also True (Half & Half), Shar Jackson and also Sheryl Lee Ralph (Moesha), Tracee Ellis Ross and Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends), Tamera Mowry-Housley and Jackée bother (Sister, Sister), Brittany Daniel and Pooch hall (The Game), Flex Alexander and also Robert Ri’chard (One top top One), and also Jenna valve Oy and also Coby Bell (The Parkers).

“We are past humbled and honored at exactly how much the fans proceed to ride difficult for these mirrors years later and also how they made a vast impact top top the culture,” the actors claimed in the two-minute video. “These shows adjusted the challenge of tv as we understand it. And also it helps for black color creators both in front and also behind the camera, and also has detailed us v being maybe to it is in in the dwellings of people worldwide.”

The news to be praised by pan on social media, with numerous waiting until midnight for the display to become easily accessible on Netflix.

The sitcom ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans through questions

Rachel True and also Essence Atkins | CBS via Getty Images

In the season 4 finale, 2 of Mona’s exes re-enters she life, Chase and also Lorenzo. Both guys ask her to choose in between them, leave her with a huge decision come make. The totality episode centers about Mona trying to do the ideal choice. Finally, she handle on that she will pick. Toward the end of the episode, Mona decides to call the man she chose. If on the phone, Mona says: “I finally know whereby my love is. She the one I desire to it is in with.”

But, viewers never acquired a chance to view who she chose. The collection was canceled ~ the fourth season and wasn’t renewed because that a fifth. Therefore why walk the display end through such an abrupt ending? Well, the sitcom to be on The WB’s an initial draft lineup in march 2006, however the present ended production due to The CW’s contractual duty to resume shows favor Reba, All that Us, and also The Game. Ultimately, Half & Half was never ever picked up for an additional season and left countless fans with that unsatisfying cliffhanger.

The black color sitcom ended too soon

Valarie Pettiford, Telma Hopkins, Rachel True, and also Essence Atkins | CBS via Getty Images

Musician and also actor MC Lyte starred on the sitcom because that a few episodes. Lyte had actually a recurring function on the display – she play Kai Owens, Mona’s fair however stern boss at the fictitiousDelicious records label.

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In one interview v Atlanta black Star, the rapper common her thoughts on the show’s cancellation and also finding a brand-new home on Netflix. “I think the cast, and Yvette Lee Bowser, the creator, was incredibly disappointed once it no come earlier because everybody thought it was coming earlier for a 5th season,” she explained.

“So to have actually it cut off automatically like that — it can leave points unsettled,” she continued, introduce to the show’s ending. “The idea of having actually to obtain to 100 illustration to be in syndication. We never ever made it to 100 episodes. So to have the ability to see this go into somewhat the a syndication on a streaming platform is fantastic. Everybody feels like, “Okay, us made it back.”