Godric"s Hollow has been lived in by a number of notable wizarding families. The Dumbledore family and also Bathilda Bagshot both stayed in the village. It is probably most renowned as wherein Harry Potter and his parents lived as soon as he was a baby, whereby they were murdered, and also Lord Voldemort met his first downfall.

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Click come see complete answer. about this, whereby did harry live prior to his parents died?

Godric"s hollow is wherein Harry"s parents lived when he was a baby. This is likewise where they were killed and also Voldemort met his first downfall.

Subsequently, question is, why did Harry Potter"s parents die? in ~ the begin of the book, Albus Dumbledore confirms come Minerva McGonagall that both Harry"s parents have been killed. Harry has actually been told that his parents had been eliminated in a car crash, i m sorry is why he was living v his aunt and also uncle.

an in similar way one might ask, what town did bother Potter"s parents dice in?

Pettigrew betrayed the Potters and gave increase their ar to lord Voldemort. Having been told half of the Prophecy by Severus Snape, Voldemort came to think his mortal adversary to it is in Harry Potter. He took trip to the Potters" residence in Godric"s Hollow and also murdered James and Lily Potter, whom died protecting child Harry.

How old was Harry Potter as soon as his parental died?

15 months old

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How walk Nagini turn into bathilda?

She lived in Godric"s Hollow, and also was murdered about December, 1997, after which she corpse to be animated by mr Voldemort come contain his pet line Nagini. Bathilda was additionally the great-aunt that Gellert Grindelwald, the well known dark wizard that was defeated by Albus Dumbledore.
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Are harry Potters parental alive?

There actually are straightforward No, both of castle die. James Potter dies first, facing Lord Voldemort without also having a wand to protect himself (in the rush of the moment, James forgets to take it his wand). Lord Voldemort plan to respect the promise he made to Severus Snape, so he actually doesn"t plan to killing Lily.
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Why walk Snape placed the knife in the lake?

Once Snape knew wherein Harry was camping, he essential to create the conditions of need and also valor for the sword to it is in retrieved. He offers his Patronus to tempt Harry and leaves the sword at the bottom of a frozen lake. He conserves Harry indigenous drowning, it s okay the Horcrux off him and retrieves the sword the Gryffindor.
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What walk nagini say to Harry in Godric"s Hollow?

After Harry and also Hermione"s encounter through Nagini in Godric"s Hollow, Harry says: "She didn"t want to talk in front of you, due to the fact that it was Parseltongue, every Parseltongue, and I didn"t realise, yet of course, I might understand her." yet Hermione did hear she talk. "Come!" referred to as Bathilda native the next room.
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Is Godric"s hollow a genuine place?

Godric"s Hollow is a fictional village located in the West nation of England. That is provided for being house to a magical ar like several other villages such as Ottery St Catchpole and also Tinworth. The village was the home and also final hiding place of James and also Lily Potter prior to being murdered by mr Voldemort.
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When walk James and also Lily Potter die?

Both Lily and also James Potter were killed by Voldemort aged 21 at Godric"s hollow on 31 October 1981, once Harry was just 1 year old, and the remainder of the story, friend no doubt know.
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Who did nagini impersonate?

J.K. Rowling to write in story of Beedle the Bard that Inferi are just corpses reanimated by Dark Magic and also she explains them together "ghastly puppets" that are not sentient. Nagini was a Horcrux, i m sorry is Dark Magic. She occupied and ambulated Bathilda Bagshot"s corpse.
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Where did Harry Potter"s household live?

The Potters have traditionally been sorted into Gryffindor residence at Hogwarts college of Witchcraft and Wizardry; they are also really wealthy, with a vault at Gringotts Wizarding bank containing a great deal the gold.
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Who killed Peter Pettigrew?

The silver hand turns versus him and also strangles that to death as punishment for his minute of pity. They haven"t proved it in the movie, however his apprehension to strangling Harry provides his silver hand (the one Voldemort provided him) rotate on Peter. So basically Peter die by his own hand.
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How walk Harry Potter parents get so rich?

Harry"s money come from inheritance indigenous his father, James. James was independently wealthy (from family members money) once he left Hogwarts, sufficiently such that he to be able to support himself, Sirius, and also Lily as full-time (unpaid) fighters because that the order of the Phoenix.
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How go Voldemort die if Harry to be a Horcrux?

But Voldemort"s death curse rebounds, reflect by Harry"s blood protection and also the Elder Wand"s allegiance to him, when Harry"s Disarming charm wrenches the Elder Wand indigenous Voldemort"s hand to his. With all his Horcruxes destroyed, Voldemort dies instantly.
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Why to be Lily and also James marked for death?

Because of Sybill Trelawney"s prophecy the the one that would vanquish Voldemort. Voldemort believed it to be Harry Potter, for this reason he went to kill him. James and Lily were killed because they were stand in the way of the actual goal, Harry"s death.
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Is Snape Harry"s father?

So no, Harry Potter is not the son of Severus Snape and Lily Evans. For one, Harry to be the youngest seeker and one of the finest during his time i m sorry is a strong resemblance the his father, James. Harry has been continually reminded the he"s inherited his mother"s eyes.
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Is Neville Longbottom the chosen one?

It was Neville"s love and also loyalty towards his girlfriend Harry, that made the act thus; love,loyalty and also friendship, which to be precisely, powers the Dark mr knew not! So, I"d say, yes, Neville Longbottom was the Chosen One in his own way, despite the Prophecy ultimately pertained to Harry Potter.
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Why go Voldemort choose Harry over Neville?

Voldemort went to kill Harry Potter due to the fact that Harry to fill the requirements of the Prophecy. Voldemort likewise had the an option of Neville Longbottom, but he choose Harry to kill due to the fact that Harry is a Half-Blood, choose Voldemort, wherein as Neville was a Pure-Blood. He additionally chose Harry due to the fact that Harry is many like Voldemort.
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Why did Harry drop the Resurrection Stone?

Harry to reduce the Resurrection Stone because he couldn"t let mr Voldemort acquire it. Who knows what dark magic Voldemort could have conjured if he acquired a organize of that in his pursuit for immortality.
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How go Lily Potter save Harry?

Lily Potter sacrificed she life in order to protect her infant son, Harry from lord Voldemort. This placed Harry under magical protection, therefore that as soon as Voldemort actors the death Curse in ~ Harry in turn, the order backfired, leaving the unharmed (save for a lightning-shaped scar ~ above his forehead) and Voldemort bodiless.

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Why have to Harry die?

The memories likewise explain that Harry self is a Horcrux, and also therefore the must die in ~ Voldemort"s hands if Voldemort is to become mortal, i m sorry Voldemort does not know. Harry accepts his death and also gives himself as much as Voldemort, telling Neville Longbottom the Voldemort"s snake Nagini, an additional Horcrux, must be killed.
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