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Born November 8, 1926 inOsnabrück, Germany
Died may 10, 1945 inMauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria (death march)
Birth NamePeter Aron van Pels
Height 5"7"(1.7m)
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Peter van Pels was born on November 8, 1926 in Osnabrück, Germany as Peter Aron van Pels. He was an actor, known for anne Frank house VR (2018), biography (1987) and also Anne Frank: 70 Years later (2015). He died on may 10, 1945 in Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria.

He died after a death march indigenous Auschwitz come Mauthausen, only three days before the liberation the the camp.
Peter van Pels to be 15 year old when he had to go into hiding through his parents. They landed on the hiding location one main after the frank family. Peter to be the only boy in the an enig Annex.
once the variety of call-ups for forced labour in Nazi Germany increased, the valve Pels family members felt it was time to go into hiding in the an enig Annex. Peter"s father functioned for otto Frank and also they had agreed that there to be room for 2 families.
~ above 3 September, Peter and his parental - as with the candid families and also Fritz Pfeffer - were placed on carry to Auschwitz-Birkenau. On the platform, he experienced Anne and his mom for the critical time.
The camp to be liberated by American troops ~ above 5 may 1945. According to a list maintained by the clinical staff, Peter valve Pels passed away on 10 may 1945. He was 18 year old.
Peter was the only among the eight people in hiding to have actually his very own room. A staircase in the middle of the room result in the attic and loft the the an enig Annex, where Peter can often it is in found: tinkering, law carpentry, and also chopping lumber for the stove.
Peter and his parents arrived at the hiding location on 13 July 1942, one week after the frank family. His parents allowed him to carry Mouschi, his tomcat, come the annex.
Peter to be assigned to the Auschwitz short article room. As a result, he was able to obtain some extra food native time come time. He would certainly share it with his father and Otto Frank. He was ravaged when the Nazis selected his father for the gas chambers in early on October.
The much longer they were in hiding, the closer Peter and Anne became. It to be Anne who took the initiative: she necessary someone she can talk to about her feelings. They began spending much more and more time together.
Peter and also Anne dropped in love. Castle cuddled and kissed in Peter"s room and in the attic. Yet after a while anne realised the Peter would certainly never come to be the girlfriend she had hoped for. She backed turn off a little, but Peter go not.
Peter was discovering English with Otto Frank when Dutch police officers, headed by SS-Hauptscharführer karl Josef Silberbauer, raided the hiding location on 4 august 1944. ~ the arrest, Peter and the rather were sent out to the Westerbork transit camp. Follow to a fellow prisoner, Peter and also Anne were regularly together.
only a handful of pictures of Peter have actually survived. In the only photo of him taken in Amsterdam, the is repairing a chair. The is thought that in 1942, the was taking a course in furniture upholstery.
after ~ a complicated journey, Peter and other prisoners came down on the Mauthausen concentration camp. The difficult labour in the mines the the Melk satellite camp take it its toll. Peter fell ill and ended up in the ailing barracks.
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