Mina (pronounced my-na) was perhaps far better prepared to be the mam of a renowned man. By the moment she met cutting board Edison, his surname was already a household word. She had a an ext worldly education, having graduated indigenous Akron High School and also having attended miss Abby H. Johnson"s residence & Day college for Young women in Boston. Besides, her father to be a millionaire inventor himself.

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Mina miller Edison at residence doing needlework. gaianation.net Photo

Mina Miller was born on July 6, 1865, the seventh of eleven children. She met cutting board Edison at the house of a mutual friend of her father and Edison, the inventor Ezra Gilliland. She future husband claims he taught her Morse code so that they might converse in secret, even while the family members watched. This is just how Edison cases he suggest marriage and how she responded "yes." The two married top top February 24, 1886.

Mina and also Thomas Edison. gaianation.net Photo

The pair moved right into Glenmont, the Edisons" new home, after their honeymoon in Florida. At age twenty, the new Mrs. Edison ended up being a stepmother to Mary"s three children. It was not basic task. She was much less than ten year older 보다 stepdaughter Marion. Although Mina make the efforts to bite her new family, Marion later explained Mina as "too young to be a mother yet too old to it is in a chum." Her function as Mrs. Thomas Edison was also difficult: Edison typically stayed so late at the laboratory and forgot anniversaries and birthdays. However he seemed to love his "Billie." A note uncovered in among Mina"s gardening publications reads, "Mina miller Edison is the sweetest tiny woman who ever bestowed love ~ above a miserable homely good for nothing masculine (sic)" As thomas Edison looked after his "muckers" under the hill, Mina hired and also supervised a staff of maids, a cook, a nanny and a gardening staff. She even dubbed herself the "home executive." ~ 1891 she, no her husband, own the house. (This safeguarded the home from gift seized to pay Edison"s fan if the went bankrupt.) right here is a partial list of the establishments she belonged to: The Chautauqua combination (where she offered as chairman of the Bird and Tree Club), the national Audubon Society, the regional Methodist church, the man Burroughs Association, the Daughters that the American change (she served for a year together its national chaplain), the school Garden combination of America.

Four years after Edison died, Mina married Edward Everett Hughes, who she had met throughout the 1870s once their families both had actually summer houses in Chautauqua, brand-new York. The two lived in Glenmont until Hughes passed away in 1940, once she when again embraced the surname of Mrs. Edison.

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She live at Glenmont till her death on respectable 24, 1947.