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gaianation.netALL around WHALES! What is a Whale? Whale details Sheets Anatomy and also Behavior excessive Whales Whale Myths Whale evolution Whale group Whale navard Whale tasks Whale index WHALE ANATOMY and also BEHAVIOR basic Anatomy size Pods The Senses Baleen Reproduction Diet Flukes Sleep Offense/Defense Blowhole WHALE OFFENSE and also DEFENSE violation - The toothed whales usage their teeth to death prey and also protect themselves. Numerous toothed whales hunting cooperatively, catching and killing even very large prey. Because that example, killer whales (orcas) hunt in groups and also together can kill also a youth blue whale, i m sorry is much bigger 보다 they are. Although inexplicable for baleen whales, the humpbacks hunt cooperatively making use of bubble-net feeding to corral and catch big amounts of small fish. The masculine narwhal has a single, spiral really long spiral this projecting from its upper jaw. Its purpose isn"t knowm exactly, yet may be provided for security and/or mating purposes. DEFENSE - A whale"s large size is its best protection from predators.

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The formation of pods (social groups) also helps defend the an ext vulnerable members. As soon as full-grown, the biggest whales have no predators other than man.

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