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What is

According come the developers, (or is a "high-experience" internet search engine that enhances web searching by generating enhanced results. Judging on figure alone, barely different from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and also other trusted search engines. Therefore, plenty of users believe that is also legitimate and also useful. In fact, criminal promote this website by employing assorted download/installation set-ups that hijack web browsers and also modify options. In addition, this rogue website continually monitor users" web browsing activity by collecting miscellaneous user-system information.


Deceptive set-ups target internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, stealthily editing and enhancing the default find engine, homepage, and new tab URL alternatives by assigning them come Following successful modification, set-ups download a number of "helper objects" (third party applications and/or browser extensions) come reassign the aforementioned options when attempts room made to adjust them. Therefore, users space unable to return browsers to their previous state and also are required to visit as soon as they open a brand-new browser tab or search via the URL bar. This significantly diminishes the web browsing experience. Furthermore, browsing activity is continually monitored, because helper objects and continually record various user-system info that could be personally identifiable including, for example, IP addresses, URLs visited, pages viewed, search queries, etc. Developers share this information with 3rd parties (potentially, cyber criminals) that misuse it to create revenue. Therefore, info tracking can result in serious privacy problems or even identity theft. If you conference unwanted reroutes to, uninstall all suspiciously applications and also browser plug-ins. Never ever return to this site.

Research discover dozens that fake find engines virtually identical to The list contains,, and Every offer boosted search results, however, cases to boost the net browsing endure are simply attempts to give the impression of legitimacy. The just purpose fake search engines is to create revenue because that the developers, whilst regular users get no value. They reason unwanted redirects and also continually record miscellaneous user-system information.

How go install on my computer?

To promote, developers usage a deceptive marketing method called "bundling" and hide details of internet browser modifications in ~ the "Custom" or "Advanced" alternatives of the download/installation processes. Rushing these procedures and also skipping measures inadvertently sponsor set-ups permission to modify various internet browser options. This habits can lead to high-risk computer system infections and/or serious privacy issues.

How to prevent installation of potentially unwanted applications?

There space two straightforward steps you must take to avoid this situation. Firstly, never ever rush when downloading and also installing software application - pick "Custom/Advanced" settings and closely analysis each step. Secondly, decline offers come download/install extr applications and also cancel those already included. Go together apps are frequently malicious. They need to never be installed.

Deceptive pop-up ad promoting installation of SearchLock browser hijacker:


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Quick menu: internet browser hijacker removal:

Windows 11 users:


Right-click top top the begin icon, choose Apps and Features. In the opened window search for the application you want to uninstall, ~ locating it, click on the three vertical dots and select Uninstall.

Windows 10 users:


Right-click in the lower left edge of the screen, in the Quick accessibility Menu choose Control Panel. In the opened home window choose Programs and also Features.

Windows 7 users:


Click Start (Windows logo at the bottom left corner of your desktop), select Control Panel. Situate Programs and also click Uninstall a program.

macOS (OSX) users:


Click Finder, in the opened up screen choose Applications. Drag the app from the Applications folder come the Trash (located in her Dock), then right click the trash icon and also select Empty Trash.


In the uninstall programs window: look at for any recently-installed suspiciously applications, pick these entries and also click "Uninstall" or "Remove".

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After uninstalling the potentially unwanted programs the cause browser redirects to the website, scan your computer system for any remaining unwanted components. To scan her computer, use recommended malware remove software.