If the tires Pressure monitoring System in the Honda Odyssey is not functioning properly, friend may have to reset the system. Follow one of the options below to re-initialize the TPMS.

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Check the recommended Air level Needed

Refer to the Manufacturer’s Sticker situated on the inside of the Driver’s door. Fill each tire to the recommended PSI/Air pressure Levels.Make sure the spare has actually the correct amount that air as well.

Keep in mind, the out temperature affect how fast the wait in the tires will change to the appropriate temperature, this could take minute to number of days. Simply be patient and give the tires time to adjust. In addition, if the tire pressure warning light stays illuminated previous a week, you will require to have your auto serviced as there could possibly be a sensor concern or a tire puncture.

*NOTE: If you are unable come Reset the Tire pressure Warning light on the very first try, REPEAT the steps. If you are still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for help or above your car user’s manual.

To Reset the Warning light Perform one of the following alternatives below


Option 1: Models with Reset Buttons


Set her Brake (Optional however Safe). With your vehicle in the ON position without beginning the engine. Models through START buttons: push the Start button without beginning the engine (Do NOT press the pedals).Hold the TPMS Reset button until the Warning irradiate in the dash dashboard blinks TWICE

The Warning light should disappear. 

OPTION 2: Models with A navigation Screen


With your car in the ON position without beginning the engine. Press the SETTINGS button.Via the screen, girlfriend will view lots of choices under Settings. Revolve the ENTER button to highlight VEHICLE SETTINGS. Press the ENTER button.Turn the ENTER button to highlight TPMS CALIBRATION.Press the ENTER.Turn the ENTER button to highlight CALIBRATE. Press ENTER. (The Warning icon will start to Blink as the system resets).Drive the automobile to 30 minute at 50/mph or higher.

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The warning light have to then go OFF!

OPTION 3: Models through Steering Wheel Controls

Set her Brake (Optional however Safe). With your auto in the ON position without beginning the engine. Press MENU.Select CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS.Select INITIALIZE.Select YES. Press MENU to Exit. 


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