Counting in is a fun an initial step because that beginners that are beforehand into your courses!

That overjoyed sense of accomplishment you feel when you’re able to count seamlessly in is precious every minute of studying and also repetition.

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As her counting an abilities in strengthen, you’ll be motivated to count to greater and higher numbers. That’s why we’ve compiled a fully-stocked lesson that stretches your counting in approximately one hundreds million—and beyond!

If you’re prepared to go the extra mile, let’s discover how counting in have the right to take you come infinity.

Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Similar come English, has actually cardinal and ordinal numbers. What’s the difference?

Ordinal numbers assist define your location in a race, competition, and also tier list, or they denote street names and also decide a certain order of things.

El ganó el segundo lugar.

He won 2nd place.

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Cardinal numbers room the ones you use once counting in They assist you handle vital things such as money, groceries, cooking recipes, bank accounts, and also ordering food.

Queremos dos vasos de agua, por favor.

We want 2 glasses that water, please.

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Counting in is an ext than just speaking. You have to have the ability to read and also write number in too! over there are countless things to think about such as gender, grammar, and also spelling.


Gender in Numbers

While the sex of ordinal number is typically neutral, the articles readjust depending on the noun lock represent:

El = singular, masculine

La = singular, feminine

Los = plural, masculine

Las = plural, feminine

For example:

Traje las dos manzanas que me pediste.

I carried the two apples girlfriend asked for.

Sábado y Domingo kid los dos mejores días de la semana.

Saturday and also Sunday are the two ideal says the the week.

What’s more, it’s crucial to note that details numbers room not gender neutral, and also these incorporate the number one and also all number from 200-900 the contain -cientos (m) or -cientas (f).

count in Uno

The number one in exists together un, uno, una, unos, and unas.

The difference in between these is gender and also number, while because that the sport un, it calls for an knowledge of placement.

Let’s watch at some examples:

Un = masculine, singular, placed before a noun (means “a” or “one”)

Uno = masculine, singular (means “a” or “one”)

Una = feminine, singular (means “a” or “one”)

Unas = feminine, many (means “some”)

Unos = masculine, plural (means “some”)

To grasp the appropriate placement and also usage of un, store these two rules in mind:

If the number one proceeds a masculine noun, such together 21 cats, the number 21 is composed as veintiún gatos.Additionally, if the number proceeds a feminine noun that starts with the letter a, such as 31 eagles, the number is most frequently written in mrs form: treinta y un águilas.

Example Sentences with un, uno, una, unos, unas

Tengo un carro verde. — I have actually a green carQuiero uno de esos helados artesanales. — I desire one the those artisanal ice cream cream cones.Tengo ganas de una sopa ramen con huevo. — I want a ramen soup with eggs.Halloween fue hace unos días. — Halloween was some job ago.Mi prima invitó unas amigas a su casa. — my cousin invite some friend to she house.

How to compose Numbers in

In this section, you won’t be finding out the tricks to spelling (learn those here) numbers, but these accuse will provide you an top hand in writing or inputting numbers correctly in your assignments.

write the numerical kind of the number if it: has much more than three words in that (145 — ciento cuarenta y cinco)has decimal (3.14 — tres punto catorce)is followed by a unit abbreviation such as in. Or kg (44in. — cuarenta y cuatro pulgadas)identifies a noun such as hotel rooms, addresses, patent plates, etc (Apt. 101 — apartamento ciento uno) create the word type of the number if it: has one or 2 words in it (tres / mil cien)is joined by the letter y (treinta y dos) watch out!

La actual Academia Española (RAE) states that if you begin writing the numerical form of numbers rather of words, you need to stick to numbers for the totality piece also if that fills any type of of the criteria mentioned above. This method that you must be constant in the means you write numbers across your piece. Make sure to examine out RAE’s perform of number preeminence recommendations.

How to counting in indigenous 1 come 100 Million

Now that you have a hard base because that counting in, we deserve to move forward to the large numbers!

We’ll obtain started v a pair of handy referral tables the will offer you all the devices you must count together high together you want.

For the first few number groups, you’ll need to memorize your names. Yes no way around that, however the great news is that beginning on 30, you don’t really have to learn any brand-new words!

Let’s take it a look.

Counting in indigenous 0-9

0Cero (seh-roh)
1Uno (oo-noh)
2Dos (dohs)
3Tres (trehs)
4Cuatro (kwah-troh)
5Cinco (seen-koh)
6Seis (sayhs)
7Siete (syeh-teh)
8Ocho (oh-choh)
9Nueve (nweh-beh)

Counting in indigenous 10-90

10diez (dyehs)
20veinte (beyhn-teh)
30treinta (treyhn-tah)
40cuarenta (kwa-rehn-tah)
50cincuenta (seen-kwehn-tah)
60sesenta (seh-sehn-tah)
70setenta (seh-tehn-tah)
80ochenta (oh-chen-tah)
90noventa (noh-behn-tah)

Counting in indigenous 11-19

11once (ohn-seh)
12doce (doh-seh)
13trece (treh-seh)
14catorce (kah-tor-seh)
15quince (keen-seh)
16dieciséis (dyeh-see-sayhs)
17diecisiete (dyeh-see-syeh-teh)
18dieciocho (dyeh-syoh-choh)
19diecinueve (dyeh-see-nweh-beh)

Counting Multiples the 100

100cien (syehn)
200docientos (doh-syehn-tohs)
300trescientos (treh–syehn-tohs)
400cuatrocientos (kwah-troh-syehn-tohs)
500quinientos (kee-nyehn-tohs)
600seiscientos (say-syehn-tohs)
700setecientos (seh-teh-syehn-tohs)
800ochocientos (oh-choh-syehn-tohs)
900novecientos (noh-veh-syehn-tohs)

Count Multiples that 1000

1,000mil (meel)
10,000diez mil (dyehs meel)
100,000cien mil (syehn meel)
1,000,000un millón (oon mee-yohn)
10,000,000diez millones (dyehs mee-yoh-ness)
100,000,000cien millones (syehn mee-yoh-ness)
1,000,000,000mil millones (meel mee-yoh-ness)

What’s a “Billion,” “Trillion,” and also Beyond in vs English?

In English, a exchange rate is a one adhered to by nine zeroes: 1,000,000,000.

But that’s not the instance in!

A exchange rate in English is what we contact mil millones in 1,000,000,000.

In fact, un billón is a much bigger unit in 보다 the English “billion.”

In, un billón equals a trillion, i m sorry is a one adhered to by twelve zeroes: 1,000,000,000,000

That’s a most zeroes!

For even much more gigantic numbers, inspect this out:

quadrillion (15 zeros) = un mil billones

quintillion (18 zeros) = un trillón

Counting in number from 21-29

For numbers 21-29, all you have to do is add the prefix veinti followed through its corresponding number.

21 — veinti + uno = veintiuno22 — veinti + dos =veintidos23 — veinti + tres = veintitres24 — veinti + cuatro = veinticuatro25 — veinti + cinco = veinticinco26 — veinti + seis = veintiseis27 — veinti + siete = veintisiete28 — veinti + ocho = veintiocho29 — veinti + nueve = veintinueve

Counting in number from 30-99

The cheat to count from 30 come 99 is simple! You join the tenth unit and also the persons unit together, linked with y (and).

Check this examples:

36 — treinta y seis48 — cuarenta y ocho51 — cincuenta y uno67 — sesenta y siete77 — setenta y siete83 — ochenta y tres94 — noventa y cuatro

Counting in indigenous 100-999

Here you follow the same ascendancy as before, other than now you have actually to add an extra word before for the hundreds.

For numbers between 101-199 friend must add the prefix ciento.

From 201-999 you usage the same word because that the hundredths number (for example, doscientos) The pattern repeats with all numbers 1-9 the precede the hundred.

Let’s look at some more examples:

105 — ciento cinco216 — doscientos dieciséis325 — trescientos veinticinco438 — cuatrocientos treinta y ocho593 — quinientos noventa y tres674 — seiscientos setenta y cuatro777 — setecientos setenta y siete823 — ochocientos veintitres934 — novecientos treinta y cuatro

Counting in native 1000-100,000,000+

To make colossally giant numbers, merely follow the enhancement rule by utilizing the very same structure native before.

You deserve to use this formula to count all the way to a quintillion (un trillón)!

Before us jump closer to infinity, right here are part rules to recognize for you to know the upcoming examples:

number in the 10,000 selection are express by saying the tenth unit complied with by the word mil. (11,000 = once mil)Only use the word uno when the number is at the end. Otherwise use the word un.

Let’s practice!

1758 — mil setecientos cincuenta y ocho5745 — cinco mil setecientos cuarenta y cinco14,576 — catorce mil quinientos setenta y seis56,764 — cincuenta y seis mil setecientos sesenta y cuatro100,543 — cien mil quinientos cuarenta y tres345,875 — trescientos cuarenta y cinco mil ochocientos setenta y cinco3,543,665 — tres millones quinientos cuarenta y tres mil seiscientos sesenta y cinco19,435,456 — diecinueve millones cuatrocientos treinta y cinco mil cuatrocientos cincuenta y seis60,345,234 — sesenta millones trescientos cuarenta y cinco mil doscientos treinta y cuatro100,234,764 — cien millones doscientos treinta y cuatro mil setecientos treinta y cuatro575,435,234 — quinientos setenta y cinco millones cuatrocientos treinta y cinco mil doscientos treinta y cuatro

Try This together Trick

Getting tripped up on joint of every these huge numbers? an easy method to overcome this obstacle is to placed the number in Google Translate.

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Let’s speak you compose “123,456,789 in” ~ above the Google find bar and also it will certainly retrieve an instant translation in for you. Click the sound symbol in the bottom right edge of the text to give you a starting point because that imitation and also repetition.

Counting in come mil millones and also Beyond

The best way to make sure you don’t forget these numbers is to exercise with a indigenous speaker. Talking in actual time with a certified teacher will save you on your toes, boosting retention, pronunciation, rhythm, and flow of you

If you desire to emphasis on counting in, our teachers will make sure to include in the topics you’re interested in as you discover many new vocabulary words and also useful phrases.

Take her to the next level by taking a totally free class v us so you can practice count in, huge numbers, and so lot more!