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 Applies to: Xbox 360 Consoles (Slim or Old versions)


Learn exactly how to affix a wireless or wired controller to your Xbox 360 console.

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For Xbox 360 S consoleFor Original Xbox 360 console


The lights approximately the console"s power switch will stop flashing once the controller connects come the console.

On the Xbox 360 S console, once controllers are connected, they have actually one of four positions. Every position shows up as a lighted section approximately the console power button and also the controller guide button.

On the 360 E console, a solid eco-friendly light ~ above the former of the console mirrors that the controller is connected. To watch the player position, look at the ring the light roughly the Guide switch on your controller. It will indicate one of the four position.


If the controller doesn"t rotate on, examine the batteries in the battery compartment. Insert fresh/new AA batteries right into the battery case and make certain you place them correctly.

To connect more controllers, monitor these procedures again. You can connect up to 4 controllers. Each connected controller appears as a lighted section around the console’s power button and also around the Guide button in the middle of every controller.

To disconnect a wireless controller, press and also hold the Guide switch for about three seconds, and then choose to turn the controller turn off on her TV Screen.If you pick to rotate off the console, the controller will reconnect the next time you turn on the console.The controller have the right to be connected to one console in ~ a time. Friend can affix the controller come a various console, yet the controller will lose the connection to the previously connected console.

Plug the Xbox 360 Wired Controller right into the USB harbor on the former of the Xbox 360 console. To disconnect the controller, pull on the connector, not the cable.

The cable ~ above the Xbox 360 Wired Controller functions an inline release. If someone traction the cable, the inline relax reduces the opportunity of the Xbox 360 console falling.

If your wireless controller doesn"t turn on, or if it loses power, shot the complying with solutions:

Solution 1: change the batteries

Insert a brand-new set of AA alkaline batteries right into the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, and then shot to rotate it on.

Solution 2: shot a different battery pack

If girlfriend have one more Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, take it the battery fill from that controller and attach it to her controller. Then, shot turning on her controller. If that works v the different battery pack, your initial battery pack can be defective. If her controller is under warranty, you can order a instead of battery load from Xbox Support. For more information, watch the contact Us ar at the bottom that this page.

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If her controller is out of warranty, you can buy a brand-new battery pack from a sleeve store.