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‘He knows I"m hard-working, conscientious and also can acquire the right response from players.’‘An enthusiastic and also hard-working soldier has been banned native the roadway after drinking and driving.’‘I am hard-working, conscientious, honest and have a lifetime of endure to offer.’‘He was a conscientious and also hard-working guy who constantly liked to check out a task well done.’‘The other attributes I lug include being a an extremely committed and hard-working person.’‘I"m a hard-working lad and also if you can get back to the allude where you are a far better person 보다 you were, that"s a good feeling.’‘He was a great natured, hard-working gentleman who had actually an earthy presence and a heat welcome because that all.’‘His 80-year-old mother Irene said her son was a hard-working man and a beloved child.’‘But many mums space hard-working individuals and not lazy together Ms Causnett implies.’‘He is a decent, honest, hard-working politician - some would say too nice to perform the hard job he"s now in.’‘He to be a hard-working man who had actually a good rapport through people and who obtained on well with friends and also neighbours.’‘The bulk of farmers space good, honest, hard-working people, and also farming is bouncing back.’‘I believe in my heart that ns am one of the most faithful and hard-working members of our group.’‘Out the this came an advice to do something for the landless however hard-working civilization of his community.’‘In other words, us hard-working guys are payment to keep this network in operation.’‘He said it to be sad because that the victim he had actually abused and also it was sad because that Benson who had previously been a hard-working man of an excellent character.’‘Ume, a organization student in ~ Salford University, said he to be a hard-working guy who live for his family.’‘He to be a quiet, hard-working lad, that was just obsessed with cars and was forever going on about getting one of his own.’‘He to be a nice, hard-working boy who would execute anything friend asked the him.’