Is it just me? Seriously, I need to recognize if I’m just an old uptight white guy. I know, i know, this is no news come anyone. It’s a quite lame topic for my very first blog entry due to the fact that it’s been done a million times, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m no looking come make any type of news. I just can’t acquire over this till I create it down. Superman the hoe? Supersoak the hoe?

So, I’m in ~ my daughter’s sixth grade center school picnic yesterday (“Welcome to middle School kiddos!”) and also the school administrator (who doubles as the institution DJ) is spinning every little thing from 1970s popular music to bad wedding songs. Whatever. The children like that all, right? and no one yes, really cares around lyrics so no one (is it simply me?) bats one eye as soon as Soulja Boy’s “Crank documents Soulja young (lyrics)” comes on after ~ a Smashmouth song.

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For everyone who has actually not heard the text reported almost everywhere the internet and the assumed an interpretation attributed come those text by all of us “uptight” folks, I’ll give you the 20 -second version and also some web links so that ns don’t have to bore everyone else through a redux of the exact same old issue.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Watch Me Crank dat Soulja Boyden super Man file HoeI’m Jocking on Yo Bitch AssAnd If We obtain To FightinDen im cockin top top ya bitch assWatch Me super Soak documents HoeSoulja boy Up In This Hoe

Watch me crank dat roosevelt den supa soak file hoeDen supaman dat bitchDen supaman documents bitch (repeats choose 5 times) 

OK, so according to urban Dictionary, “superman documents hoe” means “when friend ejaculate top top a girls earlier then placed a ceiling on her so when she stands up the blanket sticks as such making her look favor she has a cape”. Now, I recognize that the text I put in this blog are not complete (get the complete lyrics that “Crank documents Soulja young here), for this reason I’m bound to have actually someone read this and say, “Oh, you’re taking the lyrics the end of context.” however please don’t offer me that argument and then tell me in the very same breath the it’s “just a dance” and also that the lyrics average nothing. If they median nothing, then context is irrelevant.

For the moment, let’s assume that it is just a dance and that the lyrics median nothing. The will store us far from the “out that context” argument. 

But that’s no why I’m creating this this entry. Ns DON’T think it’s just a dance and also I want someone come tell me the there’s a good explanation because that the lyrics. And here’s why. Recently, “Soula Boy” walk a quite lame project of bailing himself out of the obscene text argument. When asked about it, his only solution was:

“‘Superman,’ ‘Crank That’ old. You can tell whoever created that was intending to prevent my shine. The method they created words…it was professionally typed. Ain’t nobody act nothing like that. In ~ the finish of the day, they simply came as well late through the rumor.”

What the hell does that mean, Soulja Boy? You execute “type out” lyrics prior to you reduced a track, right? Or space you just throwing a dart in ~ a board with words ~ above it? This track supposedly produced a new dance, right? You desire to call me the there’s no “typed out” variation of this track that precedes the recording and also then the Crank documents Soulja boy video? and also next, you’ll be telling me the he made all of this up the end of slim air, favor dance moves the end of his head. Superman dat hoe, supersoak file hoe, do the hustle, macarena and the two step with file hoe.

So, what go the track mean? I store getting arguments from my very own friends and family that they don’t know what the text are and also they don’t think the children are listening for this reason it must be simply a dance. And the companion dispute that over there are various other songs that people didn’t understand the an interpretation of that are still well-known like “YMCA”, that old party favorite. The difficulty I have actually with this argument is the YMCA, which ns DO think to be around talking a guy right into coming under to the YMCA to hang out v a bunch of gay guys, maybe also for gay sex, never ever mentions noþeles sexual. So if that’s true about the song, at least it was both over the heads of everyone hearing it and it had actually no sex-related lyrics.

I think the insurance claims that it’s “just a run song” are ba-loney.

The whole allude of this rant is that ns think that parents and also teachers who run your next party, barmitzvah, college function, should at least consider what’s in few of these songs. Every time I bring it up, every one’s choose “really, I had no idea.” Here’s another tiny nugget of joy from a Ludacris track that I simply heard this week three times, in ~ a communion party, the middle school picnic and today at our spring carnival (picture every the tiny kids with their deals with painted eating cotton candy):

And Rowl! These women al on the prowl, if you hold the head stable I’m a milk the cow. Forget around the game I’m a spit the truth, I won’t protect against till I get em in they date of birth suits. So gimmie the rhythm and it’ll be off v they clothes, then bend over come the front and also touch her toes. I left the jag and also I took the roles, if lock aint cutting then I put em on foot patrol. How you favor me now, when my pinky’s valued over three hundred thousand, Lets drank friend the one come please, Ludacris fill cups like twin d’s. Me and Ush once an ext and we leave em dead, we desire a lady in the street however a freak in the bed

Maybe it’s just me . . .

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