How do I uncover out what year my backhoe is?

Go to the left side of the backhoe tractor, and also locate the black metal tag hanging above the prior left axle. Look because that the 13-digit identification number engraved ~ above the tag, also known as the tractor serial number. Create the 13-digit number under legibly ~ above a item of paper.

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What engine is in a instance 580 supervisor L?


Displacement239 cu in (0 m)
Engine MakeCase
Engine Model4T-390
Gross Power91 hp (68 kw)

Where is serial number on case backhoe?

SERIAL NUMBER case BACKHOE VIN Number Location: On older 580B, C & D Models: left side of dash just inside left door that cab. On enlarge models one of two people under the left door on side of frame rail or under the base of the left lift arm. Execute not confuse the “ROPS” plate uncovered inside the CAB because that the VIN plate.

Where is the serial number on a instance 580?

Located ~ above the right side, appropriate behind the oil filter. 580’s engine block number started approximately 2639536.

How much oil does a case 580c hold?

Oil capacity: 4 qts <3.8 L>. Coolant capacity: 16.5 qts. Is the filter ~ above the appropriate side, and is that a cartridge kind filter?.

How lot does a situation 580 at sight M Weight?

How much does a situation 580 super M Weight?

580 supervisor M collection 3 Loader Backhoe
Operating Weight14,285 lbs – 17,545 lbs based upon configuration
Digging Depth14’5″ or 18’8″ w/Extendahoe
Backhoe Digging Force12,821 lbf

How do I recognize my tractor case?

Case tractors can additionally be identified through the manufacturer’s serial number. Write down the serial variety of your case tractor. Twin check her notation for accuracy so no to transpose, omit, or repeat characters. Call the manufacturer.

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How deep can a instance 580 backhoe dig?

The backhoe of the situation 580 deserve to dig to a best depth that 14 feet, 4 inches. The with of the swivel that the backhoe is 18 feet, 1 inch. The bucket the the backhoe has a dig pressure of 12,821 pounds.

How lot does a instance 580 Way?

At 19,000 lbs. And 108 hp, the 590 at sight N is now the biggest backhoe-loader in north America. The 580 super N WT (wide track) sits atop the ultra-competitive 14-ft….How lot does a situation 580 backhoe weight?

580 super M collection 3 Loader Backhoe
Operating Weight14,285 lbs – 17,545 lbs based on configuration
Digging Depth14’5″ or 18’8″ w/Extendahoe

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