ns am trying to number out how the reactivity collection comes about. My knowledge is that elements with a higher electronegativity will be an ext reactive than elements with a reduced electronegativity, and also that aspects with a short ionization energy will be much more reactive than facets with a high ionization energy.

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Here is a chart of electronegativity (from Wikipedia):


This shows electronegativity diminish (as reactivity increases) down group 1 and also it likewise decreasing (as reactivity decreases) down team 7.

Here is a graph of ionization energy:


This reflects ionization energy decreasing (as reactivity increases) down team 1 and also it likewise decreasing (as reactivity decreases) down team 7.

Neither electronegativity no one ionization energy can guess both reactivity trends, therefore what is walking on?

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With much less electronegativity, over there is also less ionization energy. This method for metals, it is easier to lose the electrons. Once it is less complicated to lose the electrons, the steel becomes an ext reactive since it supplies less energy to satisfy its goal; to obtain a complete outer shell.

For nonmetals, the key goal is to obtain electrons and not lose them. Thus, boost in electronegativity and also ionization energy method an rise in reactivity since the nonmetals desire to organize on to their electrons and gain an ext vigorously to accomplish the full outer shell.

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Reactivity is no only around the tendency of an aspect becoming one ion( together reflected in ionisation energy and also electronegativity). Reactivity takes right into account the stability of the developed ion. Regularly reactions that take ar in one aqueous equipment takes right into account the stability of the ion in water.

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