Ex 2:11-15 In c.1508BC, as a young male of 20, the prince look at a Hebrew slave being beaten by an Egyptian overseer. In anger, Moses kills the Egyptian official. Fearing retribution from the pharaoh (and, perhaps, death threats indigenous his jealousy stepbrothers), Moses flees to Midian, close to the Gulf the Aqaba (see3 top top Map 43).

Ex 2:16-25 Moses rescues part shepherdesses and also waters their flocks at a well. Their father invites Moses (who is clearly a well-educated Egyptian) to stay, for this reason Moses marries among his daughters, Zipporah, and also settles down for the next fifty year to advanced a household in exile in Midian.

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Midianwas situated in the Sinai Peninsula (centre that photo) near the Gulf of Aqaba (NASA)


The human being of Midian were distant relatives the the Israelites – i m sorry may describe why Moses (bornof Hebrew parents) fled indigenous the well-watered floor of the Nile Delta to the semi-arid seaside lowlands of Midian and also remained over there for countless years. The Midianites were descended from Midian, the fourth son of Abraham and also his 2nd wife Keturah, born in c.1819BC (see Genesis 25:1-6). Throughout Abraham’s lifetime, Midian and also his 5 brothers were sent out "to the east" (Genesis 25:6), and settled in territory to the east and south the the Dead Sea. It was Midianite traders who took Joseph come Egypt together a servant in c.1679 BC, and also sold him come Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s safety (see Genesis 37:36).

By the moment Moses fled indigenous Egypt in c.1508BC, the civilization of Midian occupied both the coastal strip the the Sinai Peninsula and parts the the Arabian Peninsula ~ above the opposite next of the Gulf of Aqaba. Moses married Zipporah, the daughter of Jethro (or Reuel), a priest of Midian, and also lived right here for fifty years prior to God showed up to the in the flames the a burning shrub (see Exodus 3:1-10). After ~ Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt in c.1447 BC, lock headed throughout the Sinai Peninsula come Midian, where lock were welcomed by Moses’ father-in-law and also their distant relatives, the civilization of Midian (see Exodus 18:1-12). Here, God again showed up to Moses on Mt Sinai and also gave the ‘Ten Commandments’ and other regulations for the civilization to monitor (see Exodus 20:1-21).

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In later times, the holy bible records the relationships in between the Israelites and Midianites were no so cordial. As soon as Moses and the Israelites arrived in the Plains the Moab in c.1407 BC after forty years in the Negev Desert, Midianite women were amongst those accused of top the Israelites right into sexual immorality and also idolatry (see number 25:6-17). Together a result, every the towns of Midian to be destroyed, and also only the young girls to be spared (see numbers 31:1-18). Later on still, throughout the time of the Judges, Midianite raiding parties devastated Israel for seven years till Gideon roundly defeated the Midianites near the spring of Harod in c.1200BC (see Judges 6:1-6 & 7:1-25).