Must have actually 6 athletes with a minimum the 3 various Xcel level represented, Silver and also up. You can substitute a gold together a platinum because that this conference only, they will certainly be judges through platinum rules.

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Email Ashley in ~ if friend would choose to go into the supervisor Team Competition.

You will require to enter the Team Competition by Check. Write examine out to High 5 Meets and mail to:

High 5 Meets

11227 W. Forest Home Avenue

Franklin, WI 53132

Women’s USAG

Enter with USAG fulfill Reservation.

Log in to USAG and choose the society Administrator tab on the left and also then click Meet Reservation.


After you go into through USAG it is registered system and make her payment ONLINE v MeetMaker.

Pay v your checking account or credit card.

Entry deadline is February 1, 2022

Level 2-5 & Xcel $115

Level 6-10 $130

Team $50 every level

Women’s AAU

Registration and make your payment

ONLINE with MeetMaker.

Enter her checking account or credit transaction card.

Entry Deadline is February 1, 2022

All AAU levels $95

Team $50 per level

Meet Info:

Meet Director: Kathy Nelson & Jon Hovda

Meet Format: Modified capital Cup

Competition Site




Competition SiteResch Expo, environment-friendly BayNew Expo Center across from Lambeau Field

840 equipped Forces DriveGreen Bay, WI 54304

Parking will be in the Lambeau field Lot$8.00 per day.

Parent Information

ATHLETE GIFT: her gymnast will certainly receive an event T-shirt and also gift. These deserve to be picked up at the Gym prizes booth as soon as you arrive.

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MERCHANDISE: Visit the Gym Treasures booth to purchase your 2022 main Lambeau Leap gear. Be sure to customize her apparel through some bling and many various other options.

Host Hotel

Best Western eco-friendly Bay Inn Conference Center

780 equipped Forces Dr, environment-friendly Bay, WI 54304

Phone: (920) 499-3161

Rate: $149 every night

Walking distance to the Resch Expo

Mention “The Leap Challenge” to gain discounted rate

Meet Schedule
2021 Results
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Team Results

Green Gym

Team outcomes Session G01 Level XG