Pollinating your very own cannabis plants enables you to develop your own brand-new strains or build feminized currently of your favourites. You could create the next huge thing! Here"s what pollen is all about.

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Sources of Pollen

Cannabis is dioecious, i m sorry simply method it to produce both male and female plants. The masculine plants develop a pale yellow pollen, i m sorry fertilises female plants to develop seeds because that a new generation. Pollen production is crucial for breeding, whether it it is in to continue a strain’s family tree or to create novel hybrids. Pollen have the right to be derived in two different ways; either from hereditary males, which have XY chromosomes and also produce consistent seeds, or native females v XX chromosomes that have been manipulated to create pollen, which is whereby feminized seeds come from.

In the wild, cannabis is wind-pollinated, i m sorry is why the pollen is very fine—enough come be carried by the air. In a regulated environment favor a grow room, pollen for breeding is carefully collected from male plants, and also females room hand-pollinated. Letting a male have its means with a whole crop of females will create a most seeds, however buds will have no entertain or medicinal value. This is preferable in advertising hemp market as hemp particle is an invaluable product, however it"s anathema come the marijuana producer.

Males require Their own Space


When breeding cannabis, males must be preserved separate from females at all times. This will at an extremely least indicate a different grow space indoors, although maintaining males in a greenhouse out is extremely recommended. Once true males room identified, or created as with feminization, they need to be cared for just as lot as females to ensure production of healthy plants. Masculine flowers construct in loosened clusters and also begin as ford that mature and swell end time. When they space ready, they literally burst open up to release the pollen from inner structures referred to as anthers.

Big things From tiny Plants


Depending on exactly how much pollen is needed, masculine plants yes, really only need to be retained small. Each solitary male flower produce copious quantities of pollen, with only a couple of flowers providing sufficient pollen for any domestic breeding operation. To save space, once a breeding male is established in the prosper room, clone it; as soon as the clone is fine rooted, set it right to a 12-12 irradiate cycle. The same rule applies to copy females for feminization. These small plants will produce much more than sufficient pollen for any domestic use.

Harvesting Pollen


Watch plants closely as the male flowers develop. Once pods have actually swollen fit to burst, revolve the wait circulating fans off. Pollen will quickly be blown about the grow environment and also lost, or desired genetics could get mixed up when making a variety of strains because that breeding. In a tho environment, pollen will merely drop far from the opened flower ~ above the leaves wherein it have the right to be dusted off and also collected. Also after the pod has opened, enough useful pollen will still be attached come the anthers. Gently eliminate the pod and tap top top a item of clean paper—you will watch a little pile the pollen.

Upon acquiring a little of experience making males, it is possible to to express the unopened flower just prior to it"s prepared to open up itself and extract all the pollen. This calls for experienced timing as pollen requirements to mature correctly to it is in viable. Forcefully opened a flower too early on will only cause frustration as the pollen will not it is in potent sufficient to fertilise a female.

If possible, use pollen the minute it is collected. It will be at its most potent and also fertilisation is guaranteed. 

How To use Your Pollen


Using pollen is easy. Merely use a soft brush, Q-tip, or the pointer of a clean, dry finger come dab ~ above female pistils. Females that room at the very least 21 days into flowering space ripe for fertilisation; pistils space long and also still white, and the calyx has arisen properly. If fertilised too early on when the calyx is not correctly formed, seeds will not develop fully and will be small, white, and also non-viable.

It is only important to fertilise a solitary bud on a woman plant. However, it is additionally quite possible to fertilise number of buds on the exact same plant with different strains of pollen, or to usage a single breed of pollen ~ above several various strains of females. Keep obsessive monitor of who’s who in her cannabis zoo.

After a minimum the 45 days, a completely formed seed will certainly be seen dividing the calyx seam, and also is for this reason ready because that harvesting. Dried plants together normal, and after 7 days, placed seeds in a dry, cool location to dry effectively for 4–5 weeks, climate plant together desired.

The prestige Of Storing three Pollen Correctly


Pollen is needed to fertilise female three plants and produce offspring. Reproduction cannabis, and creating a stable strain, is no easy task, yet it is extremely rewarding. If girlfriend have discovered the perfect masculine candidate however are still searching for a mrs counterpart, that is critical that, in the meantime, you keep your pollen correctly. Law so will certainly ensure that as soon as you do find a female three plant v the right flavour, aroma, and bud density, friend can begin crafting her masterpiece top top the best foot.

Storing pollen is fairly straightforward as it can remain steady for number of months (even years)—provided the right actions are taken. Prior to we cover turn off some best containers because that storing pollen, that is vital to understand the influence of moisture. Enable moisture to take organize of her prized pollen, and you can kiss goodbye come the following cannabis cup winner (it doesn"t hurt come dream big).

Moisture Is Your greatest Enemy


To guarantee moisture doesn"t wreck your pollen stash, the first step is to ensure it’s completely dry before transferring it to your chosen container. Location your pollen in a cool, dried area v low humidity and spread thinly ~ above the surface of a table or worktop. Ideally, you want temperatures come remain in between 20–22°C (68–72°F) during the dry process. If humidity creeps up while her pollen is drying (around 40–50% RH), placed a desiccant or silica gelatin pouch in v your pollen come soak up any type of moisture indigenous the air.

Once pollen has actually been prepared and placed inside a container, move it to the fridge. Keep your pollen in the refrigerator for 2–3 days (with a silica pouch) before storing in the freezer. This is come ensure that temperatures lower gradually and the autumn doesn"t cause a buildup that moisture. As lengthy as there isn"t any type of moisture lurking inside your container, some growers case pollen have the right to be stored, there is no damaging that integrity, for approximately 6 years!


When you ultimately need her prized pollen, follow the exact same procedure as above, yet in reverse. Again, this is to make sure that temperatures climb slowly. As a spending plan option, if girlfriend cannot get hold the silica gelatin packs, rice is a simple alternative. Before transferring the pollen to a container, fill stated container v a little layer that rice. The rice grains will work in a similar way to silica, pulling moisture from the bordering air.

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Choosing The appropriate Container


With the appropriate techniques outlined, every we must do currently is pick a suitable container. Thankfully, Zamensia has actually you covered with alternatives to suit every budget.