Yesterday (about 24 hours ago), I gained all 4 wisdom teeth out and have to be on liquids since. Nobody of the holes room bleeding, ns feel basically no pain (I am no on pains pills, only motrin), and I miss out on solid food. Would certainly it it is in OK for me come eat fries and a cheeseburger native McDonald's (with no seeds in the bun)? I'm asking due to the fact that I have actually read combined replies elsewhere online.

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If friend haven't already gone there, I would certainly recommend holding off on this a small longer. The cheeseburger may be okay however fries, particularly if they're yes, really crunchy, would certainly be pushing it and potentially harmful. Overall, a burger and fries from McDonald's has actually a many salt, which might be irritating come the extraction sites. If you obtain a soda that's a many sugar and also acidity you'd be exposing healing organization to. There room a many other solid however soft foodstuffs you can get to eat while you heal.

Alright, many thanks for the response! What other foods items would you recommend that room soft? I've been eating applesauce and chicken broth and other liquids. I'm a big guy (6'3, 250lbs) and I'm just having trouble getting to like 2000 calories.

I i will not ~ recommend that to my patients, however I go go straight to McDonald’s after having my wisdom teeth extracted. Ns was two decades old and also suffered no ill effects. To this day I’m amazed it no bite me in the ass.

i just had actually mine pulled critical month. I wouldn't. Food walk to get into the hole. The blood gerean is thickening. Idk around you but I don't want any kind of mcdonald corpuscle in or near my blood clot that is hardening through the an extremely moment.

Take smaller bites and also chew an initial molars forward and also you will be fine. The fries may be a little crunchy yet if you keep them off the extraction sites all need to be good. If it harms you'll stop, if it doesn't walk for it.

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This is late but when I gained a this pulled the end bc it cracked ns couldn’t fricking chew since my mouth to be so swollen and also numb so ns bought a McDonald’s burger and a small fry and I cut everything into tiny pieces and also I basically just softened it between the top of my mouth and my tongue until I could swallow it since I was by myself and had to journey to college n ns was therefore hungry


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