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If you favor eating deli meat because that breakfast, you most likely want to know does deli meat go bad.

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Like other meat products, this food won’t last forever, and you should check how lengthy does deli meat last and what room sure indications of spoiling.

That is the only method to prevent feasible health issues.

Does Deli Meat go Bad?

Deli meat (cold meat, cook meats, luncheon meat, sliced meat, cold cut) is pre-cooked, cured, or prepackaged meat. You deserve to choose in between whole cut, handle meat, and sliced products. The ready of this very delicious food contains brining it, and also that extr water accelerates bacterial growth and also the spoilage process.

You can expect these delicacies come spoil even if they space still vacuum-packed. Just how long that lasts will rely on the meat type. However, friend can’t store them in the pantry while most of them space edible in ~ a week and also two when stored in the fridge.

How long Does Deli Meat Last?

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Deli meat usually has actually a sell-by date, not an expiration date. Thanks to that fact, you deserve to use them come prepare meals a couple of days after the day printed top top a label.

How long Does Deli Meat critical (Chart)

Deli meat type

Unopened fresh3 to 6 days


Unopened pre-packaged

7 come 10 days6 come 8 months
Unopened bolognaUp to 2 weeks

2 come 3 months

Unopened difficult salami

Up come one month2 to 3 months
Unopened pepperoniUp to one month


Unopened prosciutto

3 to 4 months/
Unopened ham5 come 6 days


Unopened deli turkey

5 to 6 days/
Unopened roast beef5 to 6 days


Opened fresh

5 days/
Opened pre-packaged3 come 5 days


Opened bologna

Up to 2 weeks1 to 2 months
Opened difficult salamiUp to 3 weeks

2 to 3 months

Opened pepperoni

2 come 3 weeks6 to 8 months
Opened prosciutto2 come 3 months


Opened ham

3 come 5 days/
Opened deli turkey3 come 5 days


Opened roast beef

3 come 5 days/
Opened smoked7 to 10 days


Lunchmeat sliced

2 come 5 days


The deli meat shelf life generally depends ~ above the product varieties you use, but you should always check a published sell-by date on the package. Sometimes, it deserve to last several days much longer when stored appropriately in the fridge, however you shouldn’t take too much risk.

5 tips to tell if Deli Meat has actually Gone Bad

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Only appropriate hygiene and adequate deli meat save on computer will assist you prevent possible foodborne illness. In many cases, utilizing your senses is a reliable way to find if this delicacy has actually gone bad. Let’s check it!

Sell-by date

The an initial thing to do is to inspect the deli meat sell-by day on the label. Never consume the unopened product for more than 2 weeks after ~ this period if you keep it in the fridge.

Otherwise, friend will confront meat with reduced quality and inappropriate flavor. As soon as the parcel is opened, you should eat the content within 3 to 5 days.


If girlfriend spot a wet or slimy film over the deli meat surface, you can be sure that it is no edible anymore. It is constantly a result of bacteria or yeast growth, which makes the product unsafe for consumption.

You deserve to also an alert hard components inside the meat, which are the sure authorize it is spoiled. Part housewives add such deli meat come scrambled eggs. You can additionally do it, but at your very own risk.


One that the an initial signs the deli meat is spoiled is a sour, stale, or yeast odor. It normally occurs as soon as storing an opened package in the fridge for more than 5 days. In together a case, that is time to throw it away.


The discoloration is constantly a signal that something is wrong with your deli meat. Part products’ edges might turn greyish, yellow, or brown, i beg your pardon is constantly an indicator the spoilage. Over time, these alters will spread out and impact the main parts, and you must throw castle out.


As shortly as you notice mold or unusual growths top top deli meat, you should immediately throw it away.

How to save Deli Meat

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You deserve to pick out among various deli meat types, yet their attributes are not too lot different. Therefore, the means you must store them to prolong their expectancy are quite similar. Let’s take it a closer look in ~ the subject.


When girlfriend buy the entirety deli meat package, you can store that in the cold, dry, and also dark pantry for a while. However, it is not always great idea due to the fact that the chances for bacterial growth enhances over time.

Keep in mind the temperatures greater than 46.5 F (8 C) enable rapid bacteria growth, therefore this storage an approach is time-limited. In fact, it is recommended to throw away this food once it has gone to room temperature for longer than two hours.

When the temperature is above 90 F (32 C), friend shouldn’t leaving it the end of the refrigerator for an ext than an hour.


The ideal option is to place unopened packages of these extremely perishable foods items into the refrigerator at 40 F (4.5 C) as soon as you lug them home. You can also do that v leftovers each time you usage deli meat because that preparing the meal.

Always keep open up slices in a tightly close up door container to stop spoilage brought about by air, moisture, and other exterior contaminants.

If you purchase prepackaged products, you have the right to put leftovers in the fridge in the original package. Otherwise, usage a freezer bag to protect your food from drying out, but always remove the wait from it before sealing it tightly.

Always put freshly sliced deli meat towards the back or in the meat drawer. These are the coldest components of your fridge, and also such save is the best way to expand this product shelf life as much as possible.

Never purchase much more delicacies 보다 you can spend in ~ a week. In fact, it would be best to prevent consuming them more than 3 to 5 days ~ opening.


In a case when you need to store her deli enjoy the meal for longer, you have the right to freeze it. The finest solution is to slice it and also pack smaller portions in different freezing bags. The way, you will have to thaw only the lot you require for a specific meal.

Even though you deserve to keep some deli meat species for half a year in the freezer, it will certainly be better to use them within a month or two. Keeping them because that too long at short temperatures frequently affects their taste and also overall quality. It is mostly a instance when you frozen an unopened package after staying in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

The risk of spend Expired Deli Meat

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If girlfriend haven’t noticed the deli meat is spoiled, girlfriend may have an issue with food poisoning that is complied with by symptoms, together as:

NauseaVomitingWatery diarrhea

Usually, the an initial problems occur within a few hours, yet they can show up a couple of days later on in part cases. Luckily, food poisoning is a treatable condition, but it have the right to be fairly uncomfortable. Be all set that symptoms will certainly last from several hours to a few days.

The severity of the symptom will rely on the reason for product spoilage. The biggest trouble is bacteria air pollution in the instance when Staphylococcus aureus or Listeria epidemic deli meat during processing.

Can You freeze Deli Meat?

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Freezing deli meat deserve to be tricky since not every one of them room made equal. Because that instance, friend won’t have any kind of problem come freeze commodities with much less moisture content and a higher fat percentage, such together pepperoni or salami. Even though others won’t tolerate short temperatures for this reason well, you deserve to basically store every one of them this way.

The critical thing is to protect against the occurrence of the freezer burn on her delicacies. Therefore, you must wrap deli meat tightly with plastic or heavy-duty aluminum foil or place it in a freezer bag.

The best option for maintaining this product for a long time is twin wrapping. In various other words, wrap the meat through foil and also then ar it in one airtight container or freezer bag. If you setup to frozen an unopened product, placed the whole package into a freezer bag.

However, the is perhaps much more convenient to slice your deli meat. The way, friend will be able to take only as numerous slices indigenous the freezer together you need. As soon as you decision to use it, let the thaw in the fridge overnight.

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Vacuum-sealed deli meat constantly has a sell-by date on the label yet can last a couple of days an ext when save on computer in the fridge. Avoid storing it in the pantry ~ opening, but the freezer is the right ar to save leftovers because that future use. As soon as you an alert any change of color or smell, girlfriend should remove such a product.