Successfully growing magic mushroom and truffles is only half the process, you have to store lock correctly as well if you want to keep their potency!

There space very couple of things more exhilarating and also exciting than harvesting your an initial flush the magic mushrooms or truffles. To watch the fruit of your labour lastly pay off creates a solve feeling and also gives you a much an ext personal relationship with the problem that will be taking you on her journey. However, you are not the end of the woods yet.

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Storing her magic mushrooms and truffles deserve to be a tricky organization if girlfriend don’t know how to carry out it properly. It is very easy to damage them, diminishing their content, or leaving them vulnerable to decomposition. Because that this reason, knowing just how to safely and also securely keep them is a must for any kind of budding psychonaut.



If a an extremely long hatchet storage solution is required, climate both magic mushrooms and also truffles deserve to be dried out and safely stored in a cool, dark and dry location for approximately 2-3 year (maybe even longer). The only dangers are insect infestation, and also potential loss of potency because of exposure to light, moisture and heat. This works due to the fact that without your moisture content, mushroom pretty much stop decomposing.

The trick with drying both magic mushrooms and also truffles because that storage is no to use any heat. The is a common mistake, and often provided to shot and speed up the process. However, the active compounds the magic mushrooms can be quite sensitive to prolonged periods the heat, ruining them and also reducing potency.

The process of drying your magic harvest very first involves pre-drying them come remove any excess moisture, adhered to by a thorough main dry using a desiccant. This will eliminate all humidity available, and leave her mushrooms and also truffles prepared to be moved right into long hatchet storage.

You can learn how to execute this in lot greater detail from our handy guide. Although that doesn’t talk about truffles, the same procedure can be used.



If dry isn’t quite good enough (although it should be), you have the right to go the extra mile and also freeze her mushrooms and truffles. To execute so, monitor the advice above, and also check out our overview to fully drying them. Both truffles and also mushrooms need to be completely dry prior to they space frozen. Once dry, simply location them in a plastic zip lock bag and also put them in her freezer. Frozen mushrooms and truffles have the right to be save on computer pretty lot indefinitely.

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IMPORTANT: never ever freeze new magic mushrooms and also truffles, this will ruin their inner cell membrane structure, greatly diminishing potency.

So over there you go! currently you know exactly how to correctly store your magic mushrooms and also truffles, ensuring the their verity is maintained and also that castle are prepared for usage whenever you require them!