Hand-raising infant guinea pigs have the right to be fairly tricky and demanding.

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This responsibility must never be handled lightly, and also some points need to be considered prior to deciding to hand-raise guinea pigs.

Most importantly, you need to be 100% confident that the mommy guinea pig isn’t feeding her babies. Uneven the mom guinea pig is recognized to be dead, over there is a an excellent chance the she is in truth feeding she babies. In general, mother guinea pigs perform not constantly have tendency to their babies the way we can think.

Guinea pig mother feed their babies just a couple of times every day and also then leave them alone come their very own devices. Guinea pigs space born gift able come walk, see and hear, and most of them will begin nibbling top top solids in ~ a few days, and also drink milk from their mum.


It is finest to save the babies in a warm, quiet place and in a tiny box or lug cage. For heating, two or an ext babies normally snuggle to store each other warm. However, if there’s just one baby, a warmth water bottle or warmth pack covering in a soft towel have the right to provide great heat resource but be sure the guinea pig deserve to crawl away from the warm if that gets also warm.

Many child mammals can not urinate or defecate on their own. many baby guinea pigs will call for the stimulation that the mother’s to organize tongue on your bellies and also genital an ar to release a stream of urine and also faeces.

To mimic this behaviour usage a cotton sphere moistened with heat water, and gently insanity or rub the urogenital area until you feel the baby’s abdominal muscles tense and a present of urine is released. Acquiring a urination solution may take it 15-20 seconds of stimulation, or even more.

A mommy guinea pig normally feeds her babies for around 3-4 weeks, slowly decreasing the frequency that feedings till they shed interest. Her baby guinea pigs will begin to nibble heavy food from just a few days old. You can start introducing them to timothy and oaten hay, pellets, too as tiny amounts of eco-friendly vegetables and water in a shallow dish from once they are born, yet this does not mean they are all set to it is in weaned. When they start to eat solid foodstuffs it is even more critical that you continue the feeding formula to aid control the development of perhaps harmful pathogens as the babies introduce new bacteria into their systems.

If the babies tho beg because that nursing by the period of 5 – 6 weeks, friend can start to dilute the formula v clean drink water. Begin with 25% water to 75% formula, and gradually decrease the percent of milk until the babies lose interest.

Male and female baby guinea pigs have to be separated native each other at 3-4 main of age to prevent any kind of early pregnancies. Guinea pigs can then it is in sterilised indigenous 16 weeks.

Baby guinea pigs have the right to then it is in rehomed to new families by eight mainly of age, as long as fully weaned and eating solids well on your own. That is a good idea to have the babies examined by a guinea pig vet before sending them turn off to their brand-new forever home.

For an ext information top top hand-raising baby guinea pigs, call your regional Unusual pet Vets team.

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I cannot give thanks to Dr Kelly and also her staff enough for taking such great care of mine 2-year-old Blackmoor goldfish ‘Pepper-Potts’.

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Removing her eye has offered her earlier her quality of life, she is a very happy girl again.Incredible knowledge, experience & an excellent love and also care to be given, thank you so really much.