Crabs do for an remarkable meal. It brings people together and also makes because that a funny yet tasty experience. Let’s say you have actually a couple of extra crabs native a crab feast or recorded a couple of too countless crabs after ~ a work of crabbing (if that’s even possible). The evident answer would be to put them in the fridge. Yet how long do steamed crabs last in the refrigerator? 

Whole steam crabs retained refrigerated in ~ 40° F (the standard temperature the a refrigerator) will certainly be for sure to eat for 5-7 days. Make certain to save them in one air-tight bag. After ~ 3 days, however, the crab meat will begin to harden and also lose the freshness. 

In this article. I will go over exactly how to effectively refrigerate her leftover crabs and the ideal ways to save steamed crabs because that much much longer periods that time. 

Refrigerating steam Crabs 

Refrigerating steamed crabs deserve to be as simple as cram the crabs in every little thing container you have the right to find and also leaving castle in the fridge. If you setup on eating this crabs in ~ the next 3 days, I’d say walk for it. 

The general consensus in the crabbing neighborhood is 5-7 days, however in my experience you’re lucky to get by 3. Afterwards the crab one of two people tastes funky or smells favor ammonia, both huge indicators that they have actually gone bad. 

If you want to hit that 5-7 job mark, or even longer, I would certainly recommend cleaning her crabs prior to refrigerating them. Clean a crab includes stripping the of that is shell, guts, gills, and also its mouth. All you want left is the shell and also its meat. This is a quick how-to clean crab. 

To clean a crab, you’re walk to want to eliminate its outer shell favor you would when you are eating it. Use a knife or your fingernails to remove the abdomen, climate its outer shell. Next, pull off the mouth the the crab. It’s the little bits hanging the end in the former of the crab’s body. With the shell and also mouth gone, currently it’s time to eliminate the crab’s gills and also guts. I usually run the crab’s body under a faucet to wash these away. Use your finger to scrub away any kind of gills or guts that obtain stuck. 

If friend know just how to choose a crab, friend know just how to clean it. What you want to execute is remove everything but the meat and also shell. 

A far better Way To keep Steamed Crabs: freeze them.

It doesn’t take a genius come realize that freezing leftover crabs will certainly make them last longer. 

Fun fact: commercial fisheries freeze cooked crabs v nitrogen in ~ -40° Fahrenheit. This freezes the meat molecule so easily that they perform not have actually time come rupture and leak water. This preserves the crab’s flavor. 

Similar to refrigerating crabs, perform not frozen whole steamed crabs. Any undigested food left inside the crab prior to it was cooked may grow bacteria and also ruin the crab meat. 

Yes. Unlike before where cleaning the crab to be optional, you’re walking to need to now if you arrangement on that lasting an ext than a week. To freeze a crab, very first clean it, then throw it crab in a tupperware container or vacuum seal it. Make certain the crab is in the coldest part of the freezer. The cooler the crab, the fresher it will certainly taste.

You might be wondering: exactly how long will frozen crabs last? Vacuum sealed crabs can last up to 6 month in a freezer (or in ~ 0° Fahrenheit). Crabs save for any kind of longer might still it is in edible, yet If girlfriend crab beginning to give off one ammonia scent, the is no longer safe come eat. 

I choose up this vacuum sealer (Amazon Link) on Amazon to save some crabs for the off season, and I’m yes, really happy v it.

If you require a vacuum sealer for your crabs this is my top pick. The large bags the come through the sealer room the perfect dimension for a 6” blue crab. Anything larger may need to be broken in half and save separately. 

I sealed two dozen crabs I recorded late September, i m sorry is as soon as they often tend to avoid running in the north parts of the Chesapeake. They kept through the winter, and also made for a few nice crab soups. 

Just a quick tip: If you plan on making soley soups with your save on computer crab meat, just vacuum seal the meat rather of the entirety crab. The meat often tends to get stringy and also will lose flavor when consumed by itself, yet still does an excellent in soups. 

Reheating steamed Crabs 

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Reheating steamed crabs is easy. I uncovered a quick video clip explaining how, I would certainly recommend the town hall it. 

It’s a straightforward process. You take it the either refrigerated or frozen crab and steam it for 10 come 15 minutes, or until the crab is cook through.

 If you don’t have a crab pot to vapor your crabs, the video clip suggests placing a strainer in a large pot to ar it on. Indigenous there, pour some water in the pot that does no come in contact with the crabs and also bring it come a boil. Ar a lid on her pot and steam the crabs because that 10 come 15 minutes, or until it’s heated through. 

Before friend eat her crab, smell it! If the meat reeks any kind of sort of ammonia or funky scent, I would certainly advise no eating it.

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It’s very likely the the crab has gone bad. Trust me, it’s not worth eat if that has.