There are plenty of serving rules in volleyball and also sometimes it deserve to be challenging to determine what she being called for if you not familiar with them. This write-up will perform the various questions you may have about serving and the rules that are associated in those questions.

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1. Who’s turn Is It come Serve?


17. What If The offer Hits The Ceiling In Volleyball?

The ceiling and also any other object room out the bounds, for this reason a offer that hits the ceiling would be out of bounds.

In many instances where the ceiling is short or there space obstacles along the ceiling (like a basketball goal), the dominance is exercised that as lengthy as the sphere goes up and also comes under on the same side, the contact with the ceiling can be ignored.

When you are playing with those “house rules”, if the sphere makes contact with the ceiling and also crosses come the other side of the net, it is constantly considered out of bounds.

The factor for this is that playing the sphere that comes bouncing turn off the ceiling or an obstacle have the right to be very complicated and unpredictable. It would be unfair for you to have the ability to make the other team pat that. If however, her team can manage to do the play, an excellent for you!

Since the offer would need to be travel to various other side, if girlfriend hit the ceiling top top the serve, you always lose the point.

Related Questions

What Is A Foot error Under The network In Volleyball?

A foot fault describes 2 various violations. The very first is as soon as the server actions on or end the end line prior to or throughout the offer motion. The second is something the happens in ~ the net, or actually under the net.

A foot fault under the network is when you step completely across the facility line onto her opponent’s side of the court. Friend are allowed to action on the line, but your foot is not permitted to cross totally over.

What are The Different species Of serves In Volleyball?

There are really 4 main varieties of serves in volleyball. These are: the underhand, the floater, the topspin, and also the jump serve. The is great for all players to work to understand each that these because that their very own confidence and also skill level.

To learn an ext about finding out each the these, visit our post here: Mastering The 4 varieties Of serves In Volleyball.

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