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Aug 22, 2017

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom


Cell phones supplied to have great battery life, lasting weeks. Credit the low-res, monochrome screen for that. Then a decade ago Apple came up v a power-sucking full-screen phone where many of the innards had a battery that could power the phone call for most of a day.

It is sad that technology an essential to our day-to-day lives can't endure a solitary one the our day-to-day lives. Recall the post-iPhone launch scene at airports the desperate-looking organization people squatting alongside precious power outlets -- assuming that the airport do any obtainable to the public, or wasn't suing that customers for theft that power.

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Even the straightforward solution that removable battery packs has actually been taken far from us; because that designers, catwalk-thin phones trump Walmart jeans. Admittedly, double-power batteries room annoyingly fat, copy the thickness of any phone lucky sufficient to enable them. I got them for 2 phones. The Mugen 4400mHr instead of battery, because that example, makes my Samsung K Zoom phone 20mm special -- end 3/4". (That phone, through the way, sporting activities a 10x optical zoom.)

The arrival of cheap, lightweight portable battery chargers partially alleviates the trouble today -- although they come to be just one an ext thing to take along.

But climate something changed. Ns haven't read around it in the tech press, so i don't what is involved. The Umidigi Super (which i owned earlier this year) came v a 4000mAh battery, however is a portion of a millimeter thicker 보다 an iPhone. The battery lasts comfortably every day, which way Android never, ever before squawked at me about that 15% risk level.

Now I own the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom (see figure at left), who signature attribute is a 2nd camera v a 2.3x optical zoom. That battery is rated in ~ 5000mAh, however is thinner 보다 the Super. Watch table below.

What's it like to carry approximately a phone together thin together an iphone phone 6 add to yet has a monster battery capacity? in ~ the end of every day, it  typically has actually 75% battery life remaining. The projected life expectancy by the battery application is 2-3 days. (See figure at right.) One night i didn't plug it in properly, and also so the phone did not charge. That ran every the next day to about 45%.

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The battery is so strong that the phone's USB-C port can be supplied to recharge various other devices. Suddenly, the ten-year-long worry about phones dying is gone -- poof!


Thickness that 5.5" Phones

Apple iphone 6 to add (2900mAh)    7.3mm

Umidigi supervisor (4000mAh)          8.5mm

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom (5000mAh)    7.7mm


Peak Technology

I've argued in the previous that technology reaches a top after manufacturers are done with seeing exactly how much much better they have the right to make a product. Price compete kicks in, and also they start removing functions to do the product cheaper come build, and also less useful to client to operate.

ASUS reached peak an innovation with the ZenFone 3 Zoom. Also as I create this, ASUS is announcing that ZenFone 4 Pro version (not come be confused with the ZenPhone 4 it released 3 years ago), which has actually worser specs in locations that I care about. The battery is under 3600mAh, the optical zoom is lessened to 2.0x, yet the thickness is comparable at 7.6mm. That knows what's walk on inside?