Beautiful molded chocolates are straightforward to make once you know exactly how to usage a cacao mold!

Our big selection the plastic chocolate molds will provide you limitless alternatives for party favors, DIY wedding favors, date of birth treats, and more.

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This guide will acquire you top top your means to creating beautiful chocolates at home.


How to usage a cacao mold

You’ll require at least one cacao mold to get started. We’ve obtained every type of cacao mold you have the right to think the from basic chocolate bar molds to infant shower coco molds, and also all occasions in between. You have the right to shop every one of our chocolate mold category here.


How to Melt Merckens liquid Coatings

We believe the finest chocolate for molds is Merckens candy Coatings. These candy melts space rich and creamy and also melt easily, make them basic to use with coco molds. When melted, Merckens deserve to go right into candy molds-- no tempering required. Merckens candy coatings come in three different flavors, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and also dark chocolate. They likewise come in a selection of colour that have actually a very delicious white coco vanilla flavor.

In the microwave melt half a pound of liquid coatings in a disposable pastry bag (place a record towel underneath to avoid any kind of messes) Microwave because that 20 come 30 secs at a time. Move candy coatings about in the pastry bag to distribute any kind of hot spots in between intervals. As soon as melted, snip the an extremely end of the bag leaving a small opening. See here for detailed instructions come melt merckens candy coatings)

Cut the pointer of the bag just enough to enable the coco to circulation freely from the pastry bag, however you should still have some control.

Why use a disposable pastry bag?

A spoon is useful, however sometimes a small messy leaving excess chocolate on the edges that you’ll should remove from her finished chocolates making use of a paring knife.

We use 12-inch disposable pastry bags to to fill our cacao molds, the keeps things neat and tidy and also makes for simple cleanup.



How to fill a chocolate mold

Fill each cavity of the liquid mold v melted chocolate, shot not to overfill, chocolate should not come up end the edge. Fill all of the cavities and also tap the tray under gently onto your workspace to relax air bubbles and also bring them come the top.

Place in the refrigerator; chocolate usually takes 10 to 20 minute to set in the fridge and also harden. Smaller cacao molds may take much less time to collection up, and larger cacao molds could take the full 20 minutes.


Release the Chocolates indigenous the Mold

Check the bottom that the mold, is the white and cloudy? If so, your coco candy is hardened and has started to pull away from the mold, and it’s prepared to release! Does it still look at wet and pressed versus the mold? Your cacao may need some much more time to harden. As soon as hardened, carefully flip the coco mold over onto a paper towel. Save the mold close come the job-related surface (no skydiving chocolates!) and also give that a little tap if they won’t release best away. If you have actually trouble getting chocolate to relax from molds, you deserve to place that in the freezer for approximately 5 minutes. Periodically it needs to be extra cold!

Dull end up or White Streaking

Molded chocolates should have actually a beautiful shine, but if they look a small dull, it might be since the chocolates need an ext time in the fridge. Although they may look hardened, occasionally they need just a small longer. Noticing white streaks? White streaks take place when liquid melts have obtained a little too warm throughout melting, this off the fats and also creates a streaky finish. Shot remelting the chocolate and also stirring it a little extra.

How to usage candy molds with various colors

If you want to paint various colors in your cacao mold, you’ll need plastic bristle paintbrushes. Constant soft paintbrushes leave behind fine hairs and will get ruined if the coco hardens.

Paint different details within the cacao mold utilizing merckens colored candy coatings. You can purchase separation, personal, instance colors, or a rainbow mix bag if girlfriend only require a few chips of each color.

If you’re only melting a pair of chips to repaint with, usage a small bowl that is equivalent in size to the lot of cacao you room melting. Little glass prepare bowls job-related great! Melt in the microwave because that 5 come 10 secs at a time and stir in between intervals. You could likewise invest in a heated liquid melter color pension to make the project easier!

Using a plastic bristled candy brush, in a dabbing motion, paint the areas inside the mold wherein you would prefer a color. Let each shade dry before applying the next. Cotton swabs and also toothpicks work-related well for cleaning increase edges and mistakes.

It"s crucial to make sure the painted areas have a thick coating of chocolate. Check the thickness by organize the mold up to the light, if you deserve to see with the chocolate, include another coat.

When you finished painting the mold, let that cool turn off in the refrigerator for about one to 2 minutes.

After the mold has actually chilled because that a couple of minutes, to water melted candy coatings end the optimal of your painted design and also fill to the top. This will be her solid-colored base. Let harden in the refrigerator for 10 come 20 minutes.

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You have the right to make chocolates approximately 1 month front of time. Store finished pieces in a plastic container, and keep in a dark, cool, dried place, away from any type of humidity or moisture. It’s not recommended to store chocolate in the refrigerator; it can reason it come sweat and also get sticky. If storing in the frozen fridge is your just option, you have the right to do so, yet bring them out to room temperature prior to handling. Open up the container the chocolates room stored in and also let the condensation/stickiness dry up prior to touching.