Pack a bag, grab her sunglasses (and a camera, of course!), and also head the end on an ultimate tropical road expedition adventure. Puerto Rican road trips room diverse, unique, and also unparalleled. The finest part? that won"t take it you days come reach her destination. Puerto Rico is about 110 mile long and 35.5 miles wide, which method you deserve to get across the Island in a couple of hours and, therefore, setup multiple roadway trips for her getaway!

And hitting the open road is a an excellent way to take it in the destination, the landscape, and even discover how other people live. Native seaside views to lush mountain backdrops, city drives, and also country immersions, Puerto Rico is seeping with herbal beauty and thrilling experiences for every traveler seeking a Puerto Rican-style adventure.

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The Island’s central mountains room a respite native the hustle and also bustle of city life.

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Here"s a overview to planning the perfect stay!

Book the flight and pack

You deserve to make the many of your time in Puerto Rico by catching very early flight, specifically if your take trip itinerary calls for a connecting flight to SJU.

No, you don"t need a passport -if you"re a U.S. Citizen- to enter Puerto Rico. All you require is a precious ID with a picture as you would if you travel almost everywhere else in the country.

Note: Be certain to check out ours Travel Guidelines for extr information, such together the necessity of a an adverse molecular COVID test result and pour it until it is full a take trip Declaration Form.

Since Puerto Rico offers U.S. Dollars as a currency, girlfriend don"t must worry around exchange rates, yet you should call your bank and let them recognize you space traveling, so they don"t freeze your account if you"re enjoying yourself in the heart and soul that the Caribbean.

When packing, be certain to include summer-like attires because that day and also night, together the weather in Puerto Rico is warm, varying from 70 come 80 levels throughout the year through the occasional rain shower. So, shorts, tank tops, flowy dresses, comfortable shoes, and sunglasses space recommended– there"s a the majority of walking when touring! If you forget something – even if it is it is clothing, toiletries, medicine, or else, there room convenience stores and also pharmacies (both chain and also local) to store you covered.

Facts around Puerto Rico

Renting a car and also getting around

The many convenient means to get across (and back) the Island is by renting a car, and also by act so, you can plan multiple roadway trips that include some coast time, landmarks, forests, and more. Most companies need you to be at the very least 25 years old and also have a precious driver"s patent to rent a auto in Puerto Rico. And, together all the major car rental companies have actually a visibility on the Island, you deserve to avoid all the paperwork and hassle by processing your rental before your arrival. Every you have to do is go to the company"s booth in ~ the airport, take it their shuttle to pick up the car, and also head out towards adventure. ~ above average, the auto rental prices $14 every day to add insurance. Over there are likewise local companies outside the metropolitan an ar (including Vieques and Culebra).

Once her rental is set, you have the right to navigate the Island through ease, following road signs and also GPS such as Google Maps, Maps, and Waze, which work-related fine in Puerto Rico. Parking may be scarce, depending on the place you room headed. Prior to you depart her lodging accommodation be certain to double-check if there are public parking spaces nearby or if you will should street park her rental.

Crossing indigenous one town to an additional may need some pay tolls follow me the way, however most rentals already include the AutoExpreso sign (just prefer an EZ-Pass) due to the fact that most tolls have actually gone cashless. Recharging station are easily accessible at virtually every salary toll.

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Note: store in mental the Island"s rush hours are native 6:00 a.m. To 8:00 a.m. And 4:00 p.m. To 6:00 p.m., particularly if you choose to drive roughly the city region.

Pro tip: Make a list of every the places you great to visit before booking your hotel or holidays rental and also see which town should come to be your "departure hub" throughout your stay.