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Average steering speed: 68.9 mphKilometers per hour: 110.8 km/hThis is based upon typical traffic problems for this route.

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View a map v driving directionsusing your wanted map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You deserve to use to find outhow far is the to journey from brand-new York to Miami with full directions.

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Driving time from brand-new York, NY to Miami, FL

How long is the drive from brand-new York, NY come Miami, FL? The complete driving time is 18 hours, 31 minutes.

Your trip begins in brand-new York, new York. It end in Miami, Florida.

If you"re planning a road trip,you might be interested in see the complete driving distance from brand-new York, NY come Miami, FL.

You can additionally calculate the cost to drive from brand-new York, NY come Miami, FL based upon current regional gas pricesand an estimate of her car"s ideal gas mileage.

Since this is a lengthy drive, you can want to protect against halfway and also stay overnight in a hotel. Friend can discover the city the is halfway between brand-new York, NY and Miami, FL.

Planning to paris a aircraft instead?You could be more interested in calculating theflight time from new York, NY come Miami, FL.

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If you are driving from new York to Miami we indicate stopping at the very least 4 times for meals, fuel, toilet and also rest stops. Your first stop might be Baltimore, MD, about 190 miles from new York. Baltimore’s seafood favor oysters and also Maryland crabs are worth a stop. Take I-95 southern through fort McHenry Tunnel (pay toll) to departure 53 (follow the sign -I-395 North, Downtown), be affected by each other left turn off exit and follow indications to the within Harbor. (Source: stop you may want to setup for is in ~ Dillon, SC. Dillon is around 6 hrs 31 minutes from Baltimore. The town’s hotels, gas stations and also restaurants are conveniently located around 3 mile from I-95. Many hotels to consider are Hampton Inn Dillon, days Inn, Econo Lodge, Knights Inn and Super 8 Motel.Savannah, GA is perfect stopover destination for a road trip between brand-new York and also Miami. You have the right to either protect against for having lunch or a few days to check out the historic city. If this is simply a having lunch stop, inspect out Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, a.lure and also Holland House.Daytona is around 235 mile from Savannah and you would have about 260 miles to drive prior to your last destination- Miami. If you space not in a hurry, take it time to discover Daytona’s top attraction, The international Speedway.