My favorite task when i was a child was cleaning the end the cookie dough key after mommy made cookies—sometimes she would also let me have actually a couple of bites before rolling the end the cookies. From cookie dough bites in ~ the movie theater to chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cream, you can say i have constantly been a big cookie dough fan. Mother would often make two batches and also cook one, and leave one in the freezer because that later. We even had cookie dough sales in high institution to raise money for . . . Well, for part cause, i guess. Ns was distracted by the pints top top pints the cookie dough we were delivering. Us all know that eating too lot cookie dough is bad, however exactly why is it bad, and also what walk that mean for that is shelf life? In the situation of the frozen cookie dough, how frequently should you make it in order to maximize your cookie efficiency without risking your family’s health? us will discover that really question this particular day to make certain you know precisely how long your cookie dough is an excellent for, and also how to tell when it’s time to dough up a new batch (I just can not resist)!

What renders Cookie Dough walk Bad?

For the same reason mom constantly told me not to eat too lot of it—eggs. Raw egg are one of the key ingredients in cookie dough, which assist keep the dough together and hold all of the ingredients in the best places. Raw eggs have been attached to diseases like salmonella and also e-coli, i beg your pardon both have the right to be quite detrimental to her health. You have to never eat too much cookie dough, yet after the dough is cooked, the raw eggs space no longer dangerous to her health. However, the egg in conjunction with the sugar, butter, and various other ingredients deserve to go bad over time, making the dough and also the resulting cookie unhealthy because that you. So, if you recognize your cookie dough is bad, then it is time to whip up a brand-new batch.

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So exactly how Long Is It good For?

Good question. The answer is really complex, though, for this reason let us break it down. The key thing to keep in mind is the all cookie dough is not created equal, and also there room some large differences in the varieties that are available. They will certainly use different ingredients and serve slightly various purposes in your cookie dough repertoire, so your shelf stays are very different throughout the board, and it is challenging to compare them equally. For simplicity’s sake, we will break that down right into three main varieties of cookie dough: your continual old frozen cookie dough, her mass-produced cookie dough (think Pillsbury), and your homemade cookie dough. Even within these 3 categories, there room too countless differences to provide one identify answer, however hopefully this will assist give friend a ballpark. Just keep in mind that cookie fillings, flavors, and sizes, among other attributes, can change these time arrays somewhat, sometimes significantly.

Past due Date

In most cases, you would certainly assume the the date on her cookie dough would certainly tell you when it was past due. The truth is the with numerous grains, cookie dough included, the day on the package will actually be a “best by” date and not a “use by” or “expiration” date, which is slightly different. The “best by” date simply tells you as soon as the quality have to be highest, yet the product does not actually expire on the date. Permit us discover the various times the cookie dough typically goes bad.

Depending on just how You keep It

Another piece to note is the cookie dough, like many foods, will last longer if save correctly. Us recommend storing her cookie dough in a small airtight container in your refrigerator or freezer, depending upon when you desire to bake it. Together a general rule, any cookie dough left ~ above the counter at room temperature will be good for 2-4 hours however then might risk walk bad, especially if it is already past that is “best by” date. The cool, dark, air-free container in your refrigerator or freezer will certainly be the finest place to maximize the expectation of her cookie dough.

Regular Old Frozen Cookie Dough

Well, hopefully, the is regular new frozen cookie dough. This will be the type you buy from her kid’s school fundraiser or anything you find in the freezer ar that is commercially produced, yet not her break-and-bake format cookie doughs. If you store it in her fridge, you deserve to usually mean this cookie dough come last about 1 to 2 weeks previous the “best by” date. In her freezer, frozen raw cookie dough have the right to actually last 9 come 12 months, giving you lot of of time to use it before it walk bad.

Pillsbury Cookie Dough

Pillsbury cookie dough, and others like it, are different in the they are meant to sit in the refrigerator for a small longer than your other frozen life cookie doughs. You deserve to safely get about two mainly of fridge life the end of this form of dough, also after the “best by” date. This kind of dough is no our favorite for freezing and also lasts about 6 to 9 months in the freezer. You will constantly be may be to uncover this sort of dough, though, so there is no have to freeze that for too long! The best things around this type of dough space that the is so straightforward to use, girlfriend can find it in pre-portioned cookie dough form, the is readily accessible in every supermarkets, and very affordable. We recommend this cookie dough because that your rapid bake revenue emergencies, or once the in-laws surprise you v a visit and also you desire the home to odor like chocolate chips.

Homemade Cookie Dough

If you room a true baker to the core, girlfriend will most likely not have actually needed to check out the ahead paragraphs. Some of us space not so great at making cookie from scratch, however if you are, her family and friends must count themselves lucky. Nothing is more delicious 보다 a heat homemade cookie appropriate out the the oven—except, perhaps the cold cookie dough right before it walk in! although a killer homemade cookie dough recipe will wow your guests, it unfortunately does no last fairly as lengthy as some mass-produced cookie doughs. The ingredient are usually much fresher and have fewer preventive properties, therefore you will not have the ability to keep the homemade cookie dough as long as keep bought brands. Friend will just get about three come five days refrigerator life v homemade cookie dough, yet if you freeze it, the dough can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Us recommend pack in freezer paper tightly, or using a freezer sealing modern technology to gain the many air out of her container prior to freezing—it is an excellent to take advantage of this v homemade doughs due to the fact that it is way easier to make a huge batch in ~ once and also freeze part than it is to begin from scratch almost everywhere again following week.

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How can You Tell?

You are obtaining some pretty big ranges here, from 1 come 2 weeks and also from 6 every the way to 12 months, and also we will remind you again that additives, flavors, and other components can influence just how long your cookie dough will certainly last. Therefore, the concern is how have the right to you tell when yours has gone bad or is walk bad? There room a couple of different ways, which us hope friend will find to it is in a little an ext accurate 보다 the date range test. The most obvious method to call if her cookie dough has actually gone poor is come look in ~ it. If it has grown any kind of mold, climate you can safely trash the dough and also work on another batch. You will certainly also an alert that the edges begin to discolor and also turn darker as they walk bad—they will likely be hard instead that doughy together well. This is a sure-fire authorize that your cookie dough is too old. Another obvious one is if it smells rancid or sour in any type of way—basically, anything that looks or smells bad is poor (this is a good rule for the kitchen in 99% the cases). If your cookies taste a tiny funny, then you may have actually used bad cookie dough. At the point, we know it is tough, yet it is much safer to begin over v some fresh dough. There space some egg-free cookie doughs out there. These will last a little bit longer and refrigeration is generally not as necessary, however again, it is far better safe than sorry with any type of kind the uncooked dough.


If girlfriend are prefer me, cookies are few of your favorite snacks—nothing beats a warm coco chip cookie, right? but the worst thing that can happen would be obtaining your family and also friends sick v an plan gift. Store your senses top top the lookout for telltale signs of spoilage with your cookie dough, and be certain to keep all of your dough stored as safely as possible when you space not making use of it! currently that you have the basics go enjoy some cookie for us!