Jimmy CappsHendersonville - lover veteran musician Jimmy Capps, who played ~ above hit song such together Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler," George Jones' "He quit Loving she Today," and also George Strait's "Amarillo by Morning", passed away on Monday, June 1, 2020 at 81 years of age. Jimmy to be born on might 25, 1939 in Fayetteville, north Carolina come the late Tommie and Alice (Stevens) Capps.He was a guitarist top top the grand Ole Opry for over sixty-one year - longer than any kind of musician. In 2014, he to be inducted into the Musicians room of fame with other inductees, Peter Frampton, will certainly Lee, and Barbara Mandrell, etc. ; in that exact same year, he was inducted right into the phibìc Carolina Music room of Fame. In 2015, the Tennessee Senate pass a share Resolution recognizing his music contributions, and also it to be presented come him on the Senate floor. For his decorated career, in 2012 he to be inducted into the country Music room of Fame's "Nashville Cats". In 2018, to note his sixtieth year at the cool Ole Opry, the band room was called the "Jimmy Capps Music Room." beginning in 2009, he likewise regularly appeared as "Sheriff" Jimmy Capps top top Larry's nation Diner top top RFD-TV. In enhancement to the show, he likewise played on many other TV shows throughout his career, favor The Statler brother Shows, The Wilburn Brothers, CMA shows, etc. Jimmy is also on "Country's household Reunion" top top RFD-TV.He began playing the guitar when he was 12. At period 19, the auditioned because that the Louvin Brothers and was request to join the sibling duo through Charlie Louvin. "Thanks to Charlie - ns guess ns owe my whole career to him." Jimmy make his an initial appearance ~ above the grand Ole Opry v the Louvins in 1959. That was also in the Opry staff band, play lead etc behind the radio show's guests every main up till his passing.Along through his on stage work, Capps to be an in-demand conference musician, well-known for his smooth playing style of both acoustic and electric guitar, on recordings like Tammy Wynette's "Stand by her Man," Barbara Mandrell's "I Was nation When nation Wasn't Cool," Alan Jackson's "Here in the real World", the Oak Ridge boys "Elvira", Ronnie Milsap's "Smoky mountain Rain", Reba McEntire's "How Blue", and many others.Mr. Capps served his nation in the United says Army. Jimmy and Michele to visit the very first Apostolic Church of Nashville.In addition to his parents, he is preceded in fatality by two brothers.He is survived by his wife, Michele Voan Capps; 2 sons, Mark, and also his wife, Tara Solomon-Capps, and also Jeff Capps; 2 grandchildren, Summer Capps and Mollie McKenzie Acuff. Mr. Capps is also survived by a host of relatives and also friends.Public visitation for Jimmy Capps will be Monday June 8th, 3pm-8pm in ~ the an initial Apostolic Church, 265 Broadmoor Dr, Nashville, TN 37207.**Due to involves for everyone's health and safety, we have to ask that attendance at a private organization for Jimmy in ~ the grand Ole Opry home Tuesday - "Call Time" - 1pm it is in limited. If friends and also family members attending the business will be sent instructions worrying arrival in ~ the Opry House and social distancing details, us invite Jimmy's many other friends, colleagues, and fans to listen to the business on wsmonline.com. We say thanks to everyone for your knowledge as current conditions make a terribly sad time for us even an ext difficult. Entombment will certainly follow the organization in the historic Spring Hill Cemetery.Serving as active pallbearers will be, mark Capps, Jeff Capps, Ben Isaacs, Jimmy Fortune, Moe Bandy, chris Malpass, Taylor Malpass, and also Mark Wills.Serving as honorary pallbearers will be, Joe Edwards, john Conlee, invoice Anderson, Jeannie Seely, Charlie Albertson, Billy Linneman, Johnny & Lisa Carver, Scot England, Larry & Luann Black, Dean & Jean Voan, Paul Voan, Gus Arrendale, Phil & Renae Johnson, Mona & Dave Brown, Keith & Emy Joe Bilbrey, and the Opry staff Band - past and also present.The household will be accepting floral arrangements because that Mr. Capps. If you great to contribute in his honor, you might do so come the AFM 257 Vic Willis Emergency Relief fund (11 Music Circle north - Nashville, TN 37203).Spring Hill Funeral residence & Cemetery (5110 Gallatin roadway Nashville, Tennessee 37216; 615-865-1101) has been entrusted v the final treatment of Mr.

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Capps. Www.springhillfh.com*The autobiography of Jimmy Capps is obtainable for purchase at www.jimmycapps.com