Slow-roasted turkey is marvelously tender, v meat the literally drops off the bone and golden, wealthy golden-brown skin. It"s an easy, hands-off method to prepare turkey, and also yields consistently fantastic results.

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Why roast a turkey overnight?

To slow roast a turkey, you"ll bake in a an extremely slow cooktop over a period of several hrs - typically 8 to 12, relying on the size of the bird. And also this long, slow procedure results in impossibly tender meat the literally drops off the bone, and a golden, deep flavor, and crisp brown skin.

Even better, it"s a fairly hands-off approach and also that means you have an ext time to spend with friends and also family. And also you"ll have actually plenty the time to whip up sides, placed the final touches top top dessert and set the table.

Timing her Turkey

Slow-roasting is a simple, easy procedure that requires tiny active time in the kitchen. However, because it take away so lengthy for the turkey to cook through, you"ll must carefully plan when you an initial put the in the oven.

Allow about 12 hours total. That method if you plan to serve your enjoy the meal at lunch time, you"ll want to toss the in the oven approximately midnight. Or, if you plan to serve it in the evening, you"ll must wake early to gain the bird in the oven.


Slow roasting poultry was once common practice. And also it was a popular method to cook turkey till recently. Plenty of earlier generations prospered up roasting your turkeys overnight in the oven.

Most bacteria on your bird will rest on its surface areas, not deep in the meat. Mental the "danger zone" for food-borne disease is 41 to 130 F. For this reason make sure that your turkey involves 135 F within around 4 hours and 165 F before you serve. And also your turkey should be safe to eat. In 2008 researches uncovered that slow-roasted birds were for sure to eat (1).

To ensure your bird stays safely within those temperature windows, choosing little to tool birds works best. I recommend making use of a higher temperature and also different approaches for very big birds. This maple-brined turkey recipe works well.

Tips for a perfect bird

Choose tiny to tool birds (12 - 16 pounds) as larger birds run the threat of acquisition too lengthy to pertained to safe temperatures.Stuff your turkey v herbs, lemons, and onions. Herbs, lemons, and also onions provide your turkey flavor and also keep the moist. Bake her stuffing top top the side instead of in the bird. Mind the interior temperature. The inner temperature of your bird should reach 165 F as soon as taken native the thigh because that safety.It"s it s okay to cook the bird over temperature. The meat will seize and then yield and also become even much more tender as it cooks, therefore I commonly cook my bird come 180 F.Tent the bird with foil if you notification it browning as well quickly.

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Allow it to rest prior to serving. Your turkey will must rest around 40 minutes to continue to be moist. That"s just sufficient time to warm up your sides in the oven.