Cheryl Burton Biography and Wiki

Cheryl Burton is an American journalist at this time working for alphabet 7 Chicago (WLS-TV) in Chicago, Illinois together a news anchor. She anchors the network’s 5 p.m and also 10 p.m newscasts through Alan Krashesky and was an anchor because that the WCIU-TV 7 p.m newscasts v Hosea Sanders.

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Burton joined the TV network in 1992 functioning as a weekend co-anchor and also reporter. Prior to joining abc 7 Chicago, she operated for KWCH-TV in Wichita, Kansas together a weeknight anchor for the 6 p.m news.

Cheryl Burton Age

She was born ~ above December 25, 1962, in Chicago, Illinois, United States.Burton is 58 year old in 2020 and also celebrates her birthday on December 25 every year.

Cheryl Burton Height

Drawing from she photos, Burton is fairly tall in stature. Her height is roughly 5 feet 7 inches (Approx 1.7 m).

Burton’s Photo

Cheryl Burton parental | Family

Burton was born to her parents’ Neil Peter Burton and Lilian Burton. Her mother was an inner designer while her father to be an support consultant. She was carried up in Chicago along with her three siblings. An enlarge brother called William and two sisters.

Cheryl Burton Education

She to visit Robert Lindbloom High college where she completed she high school education. Burton climate enrolled in the university of Illinois in ~ Urbana-Champaign whereby she graduated v a Bachelor that Science level in Psychology and Biology.

During her time there, she was a member that the Marching Illini, among the nation’s premier university marching bands, and also got the chance to march in the climbed Bowl and also Liberty Bowl. In April 2007, Burton was the very first alumnus to be admitted right into the school’s room of Fame.

Cheryl Burton Husband | Married

Burton to be married come an ABC7 sporting activities reporter, Jim increased from 1986 to 1995. The couple started dating in the beforehand 1980s as soon as Burton was a Chicago bear cheerleader. Jim proposed come her v an engagement ring in 1986. Later on that year, the couple tied the knot. The wedding to be attended by only close friends and family.

After living nine blissful year together, the marriage finished up in a divorce. Burton and Jim filed because that a divorce in 1995 back the factor for their divorce is quiet unknown. As of now, Burton’s marital status is unmarried. On the Contrary, she ex-husband Jim remarried in 2011. That married Lekesha Draine with whom he to be blessed through two children.

Burton was physically struck on April 23, 2008 while on her dinner break. She to be walking near, the State Street and Washington St. Once a man known as Gregory Perdue, hit and knocked her to the soil injuring she head in the process. Burton very first thought she had actually been shot. After ~ she underwent a CAT Scan and an X-Ray, there to be no severe damage found. However, she suffered from headaches for numerous months ~ the attack.

Cheryl Burton and Jim Rose

She was married come ABC7 sports reporter, Jim climbed for 9 years. The ex-couple began dating in the at an early stage 1980s when Burton was functioning as a cheerleader for Chicago Bears. He went down on one knee in 1986 and also proposed come her through an engagement ring. Burton and also Jim bound the node the same year they acquired engaged.

The wedding was attended by nearby friends and family. However, the nine years the bliss in your marriage finished up in a divorce. The two filed for a divorce in 1995. At the moment, Burton’s married standing is unmarried through no kids. However, Jim is a father of 2 as he remarried in 2011 to Kekesha Draine.

Cheryl Burton Nationality

Burton is an American by nationality and also belongs to African-American descent.

Cheryl Burton abc 7 | WLS-TV

Burton works for alphabet 7 Chicago (WLS-TV) in Chicago Illinois together a news anchor. She join the TV network in 1992, working as a weekend co-anchor and reporter. Burton was advocated to 5 p.m weekday co-anchor and 10 p.m contributing anchor in 2003 together Ron Magers and Kathy Brock. Besides being ~ above television, she was likewise a cheerleader. Burton was amongst the Chicago love husband Bears cheerleading formation from 1983 come 1986 because that the Chicago Bears for the three seasons.

ABC 7 Chicago make an announcement on June 12, 2018, the Burton will certainly be instead of retiring anchor Kathy Brock together the 10 p.m anchor v Alan Krashesky. Burton likewise anchors the 5 p.m and also 7 p.m newscasts on WCIU-TV through Hosea Sanders. She career journey started on Romper Room when she was on television as a contestant ~ above Star Search. She likewise hosted one hour-long cable TV present known together “Simply Elegant”. Burton’s career officially began at WGN-TV in Chicago in 1989 wherein she co-authored a nationally syndicated weekly collection known as “MBR: The Minority service Report”.

She relocated to Peoria, Illinois in 1990 where she functioned for WMBD-TV together a reporter. From 1990 come 1992, Burton worked at KWCH-DT in Witchita, Kansas together an anchor before joining abc & Chicago.

Some the Burton’s colleagues at alphabet include:

Bill Ritter – Anchor

Sam Ryan – Anchor

Lee Goldberg – chef Meteorology

Maggie Rulli – international Correspondent

Amy Freeze– Meteorology

Darla Miles – basic Assignment reporter

Jory Rand – general Assignment Reporter

Alex Mcadams – general Assignment Reporter

Cheryl Burton Awards | Accomplishment

Burton to be the an initial person to obtain the 2005 spiritual award recognized as “Sisters in the Spirit”. In addition, she received the 2009 Procter & gamble Award for she outstanding ar service.Burton winner the nationwide Association of black Journalist (NABJ) Salute come Excellence worldwide in 2008.She obtained the Thurgood Marshall compensation in the year 2004 and also 2005. In addition, she was also honored through the Russ Ewing compensation in 2004 through the Chicago combination of black color Journalist (CABJ) for her coverage top top the E2 nightclub tragedy.Burton to be honored for her profession in 1998 with the Kizzy photo and achievement Award. In 1997, she got the Phenomenal woman Award and was likewise honored through CABJ for her coverage concerning the Million male March.

Cheryl Burton Salary

She is mostly recognized for her occupational as the news anchor for abc 7 Chicago. Burton’s approximated salary is roughly $131,149  per year.

Cheryl Burton net Worth

Having worked in the media market for an ext than three decades, Burton has been able to accumulate a good fortune. Her estimated salary is approximately $30 million.

How Old Is Cheryl Burton

Burton is 58 year old in 2020. She was born ~ above December 25, 1962, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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Is Cheryl Burton Married

At the moment, Burton’s marital condition is unmarried. However, she is rather reserved as soon as it pertains to her love life and also has not revealed any information worrying her dating life.