Many have often wondered how many beers space in the different kinds of kegs. Over there are numerous reasons to ask yourself this question; from trying to calculate how many kegs and what type of kegs you will need for a wedding or other celebration, to just trying to figure out how plenty of beers you and also your friends in reality drank when you polished off the keg last Friday night.

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Whatever the reason may be for this inquiry, we have the answer in addition to some typical uses because that each form of keg. We also put this info in a comfortable keg comparison graph for her viewing pleasure.


Mini Keg – likewise called a Bubba Keg. Commonly used in a mini, lock are typically used because that individual or little gathering use. They additionally are good for portable applications together these kegs are quickly transportable. They host 14 twelve oz pours.

Cornelius Keg – additionally known as a residence Brew Keg, Pepsi Keg or Corny Keg. This kegs to be once provided in the soda industry but are now typically used in home brewing or micro imminent They host 53 twelve ounce pours.


Sixth-Barrel – likewise known together a Sixtel or Log, these kegs have become very popular with microbreweries and other establishments that would choose to market a wide-variety the beers in a limited space. They are well-known for their small footprint. As result of their smaller footprint this are often used in double tap gaianation.nets. They hold 56 twelve oz pours.

Quarter-Barrel – likewise known as a Pony Keg or Stubby Quarter, this kegs are regularly used for small to medium-sized parties. They have actually the exact same footprint as a half-barrel, yet are an ext easily maneuverable together they come in at about fifty percent the weight. They hold 82 twelve oz pours.

Slim Quarter – also known together a high Quarter, this kegs are additionally often offered for small to medium-sized parties. They have actually the exact same capacity as the quarter barrel however offer a smaller sized footprint enabling for a broader variety of beers in a minimal space. As result of their smaller sized footprint this are also often supplied in dual tap gaianation.nets. These organize 82 twelve ounce pours.

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Half-Barrel – additionally known as a full Size Keg or full Keg, these room the many widely used and also commonly distributed type of kegs. They can be offered in a big assortment the applications indigenous college next to restaurants and also bars or even large events. They host 165 twelve ounce pours.

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