What precisely is wattage?

In instance you’ve forgotten her high institution science, wattage is a measure of electrical power, definition how much power your electrical devices need come work. To calculation wattage, you main point the volts through the amps. Amps space the quantity of power used and also volts space the force of the energy. The good news is that — uneven you want to — you don’t have to calculate this because that yourself. Manufacturers advertise this information!

The reason wattage is vital is simple: your energy bill. Every time you turn on a light or plugin your coffee maker, you usage energy, i m sorry the electric agency adds up and also bills you for. If you trying to mitigate your energy bill and save money, kitchen appliances choose your espresso device are a great place to start!

What’s the most common coffee machine wattage?

Coffee machine wattage deserve to vary widely due to the fact that there room so plenty of models on the market, all with various features and designs. If you have a an easy small coffee maker, you can expect an power level between 500 and 1200 watts.

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A little drip coffee maker (4 or 5 cups) generally uses 550 come 900 watts, when a bigger model provides 750 to 1200 watts. A single-serve brewer that uses coffee capsules (like a Keurig or Nespresso) provides 900 to 1500 watt of power. And also an automatically espresso maker uses between 1000 and 1500 watts.

Keep in mental that any kind of coffee machine that can keep water warm — enabling you come brew conveniently whenever you desire — will use at least 60 watt an hour just maintaining the water temperature. Unless you revolve the machine completely off, you’ll be paying for that power — also though you most likely don’t require it most of the time.

What about certain brands?

So how countless watts go a coffee an equipment use by brand? below are the power ranges for common coffee device brands. If you desire to understand the wattage the a certain model, us recommend check the specs on your machine’s user manual. If you’ve misplaced yours, girlfriend should have the ability to find a copy on the company’s website.


Keurigs use between 200 and 400 watt of energy to store the water hot. They height at about 1500 watts when in complete brewing mode. In comparison, a 12-cup Mr. Coffee provides a much more modest 900 watts.

Nespresso equipments use over 1000 watts. Because that example, the VertuoNext supplies 1260 watts, vice versa, the CitiZ provides 1710.

How much does this cost?

According to power Star, the average drip coffee device uses 100 to 150 kWh of energy a year. The united state average cost per kWh is 13.19 cents, meaning you’d spend between $13 and $20 a year powering your coffee maker. That doesn’t sound like much, but it does include up if you have actually a the majority of other appliances.

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Can you do coffee there is no using any kind of electricity?

Image: Jarno Holappa, ShutterstockYou definitely can, however not utilizing a drip coffee maker. Try using a gas range or a campfire to heat water for electricity-free unavoidable methods choose pour-over or French press. Girlfriend can also skip the heat entirely by making cold brew — detailed you can wait 18 hours for your coffee. Read our complete guide to impending coffee there is no electricity!


The Bottom Line

So how many watts walk a coffee machine use? If you have a drip machine, you deserve to expect between 500 and 1200 watts. The averages around 125 kWh a year, or $16 on your power bill. Her coffee an equipment probably no the best energy-user in your house, yet it can still be a good place come economize.

If you’re curious around your certain model’s wattage, inspect the user manual. You might be surprised by your coffee an equipment wattage!