Paul Newman is a Hollywood legend who had actually the sort of successful and storied career numerous can only dream about. Per Reuters, the gibbs made more than 50 movies during his lifetime, starring along side the likes of Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat in a hot Tin Roof," Robert Redford in "The Sting," and also Tom Cruise in "The shade of Money." Newman operated with the best of lock and likewise channeled his success right into other endeavors, including the development of Newman"s own food products, which donated $250 million in revenues to charity. He to be truly exceptional.

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If you space a fan of Newman"s movies, you are probably acquainted with the much talked about scene in the classic film "Cool Hand Luke," where Newman"s character, Luke Jackson, eats 50 hard-boiled eggs. Simply to recap, George Kennedy who plays Dragline, the chain gang convict chief, shoves hard-boiled egg in Neman"s mouth to aid him win a bet as Kennedy"s character screams, "All appropriate now, get mad in ~ them damned eggs. Eat the there, boy. Chew top top it. Gnaw ~ above it," (via Youtube). The scene either causes your vain nature to absent in, or your gag reflex to enter overdrive. If you are choose us, the is more than likely the latter. However did the Academy Award-winning actor yes, really eat that numerous eggs? It"s okay if girlfriend are transforming green in ~ the just thought. We"re not much behind.


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According to psychological Floss, Newman did no eat 50 hard-boiled egg while filming the scene in "Cool Hand Luke." In fact, depending upon the source, Newman one of two people ate zero or eight eggs. The gibbs is stated to have actually told a reporter, "I never ever swallowed one egg," as soon as quizzed about the amount. However, his co-star, Kennedy, shared in his book, "Trust Me: A Memoir," that it could have to be as many as eight eggs before noting the Newman was throwing increase in between takes. 

Over the years, this scene has actually led rather to unwisely take it up the challenge, yet this is not a stunt you want to try. Per Newsweek, in 2019, a male in India attempted come eat 50 egg in an initiative to success the tantamount of simply over $28 yet died while eating his 42nd egg. Has actually anyone ever consumed 50 hard-boiled eggs? We understand this concern keeps girlfriend up at night. Well, Film institution Rejects revealed that experienced competitive eater, Sonya "The black Widow" Thomas had the ability to gobble down 65 hard-boiled egg in six minutes and also 40 seconds and per significant League Eating, Nick Wehry ate 50 hard-boiled egg in 3 minutes and also four seconds in 2021.