Once you’ve decided what dimension of tiers you must make, it’s time to figure out how much cake batter you require per pan. Even if it is you’re making your own wedding cake, or do one because that someone else, it have the right to be challenging knowing exactly how much batter you should make.

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There room a couple different ways to execute this. This very first is a an easy calculation v cups. I include a chart listed below showing how many cups that batter you need to make different sized cake layers.

I’ve found using a liquid measuring cup for this works best, quite than a dried measuring cup.

However, you need to know specifically how many cups one batch the the cake recipe you plan to use makes. This have the right to vary substantially recipe to recipe.

The second an approach is a bit more math intensive, yet I actually choose it! i think it’s an ext precise, and less messy 🙂


Method 1: The Cup Method

If girlfriend don’t want to do any calculations, this method if for you! the will easily give friend the answer friend need.

In the below table, i share how many cups of batter you require per pan. It’s based on pan size and shape. Mine one caveat is that specific recipes rise an ext than others.

My vanilla class cake cooking recipes rises much less than sponge cake recipes, therefore I’ve also included a tower with the calculations because that it together well.

Based ~ above the cooking recipes you use, you may want to use slightly much more or much less batter to make her cake layers the perfect elevation (once baked and leveled). This is why it’s important to check a recipe before making a huge tiered cake.

Testing a recipe in advance helps you recognize the increase of the batter, so you can change as needed.

I’ve included the lot of batter you need for a 1-inch cake layer, or a 2-inch cake layer. Classic wedding cakes are made v two, 2-inch cake layers.

However, I favor to make my tiered cakes with three, 1-inch cake layers. Ns also add a very generous quantity of buttercream between each cake layer (about 1/4 of an inch). This renders my tiers the perfect wedding cake elevation (4 customs tall).


The height of my tiers can vary though! The lot of frosting ns use, how numerous cake layers ns use, and also how ns level my cake great all influence the elevation of every tier.

While a conventional wedding cake offer is 4 customs tall, sometimes I make my tiers taller based upon the the watch I’m after for a cake. I also vary the height based upon what the bride and also groom request.

My Cake Batter Calculator – graph Showing just how Much Cake Batter every Pan girlfriend Need


One batch of mine vanilla cake cooking recipes makes about 10 1/2 cups of batter. If I wanted to make a round cake with four, 7-inch cake layers, I would certainly need around 1 batch of cake batter (2 1/2 cup per 7-inch layer, x 4 great = 10 cup of batter)

I highly recommend experimentation out a cake recipe ahead the time, to know how plenty of cups that batter the makes, and also how high the rises together it bakes.

You additionally need to account for the finished elevation of her cake layers when they’re leveled.


If you’d favor to learn more about offer sizes because that weddings and also parties, I highly recommend exploring my cake section guide.

It go through just how many world different tiered cakes feed, and also what dimension of cake you have to make for large events.

Method 2: The calculation Method

Now for the nerdier, an ext precise method. You can use math to number out just how much batter you require per pan!!

To do this, you require to know two necessary bits that information. The an initial is knowing exactly how much batter 1 batch that the recipe you setup to usage makes.

The 2nd thing you require to understand is the equation of a circle! obtain ready come relive traumatic memories indigenous high institution geometry 😛

Using A recipe You Know

If you have actually a tried and true cake recipe the you know and love, you deserve to use what you already know about the cake cooking recipes to figure this out!

I love utilizing my vanilla great cake cooking recipes or my chocolate layer cake recipe because that wedding cakes, because they’re incredibly moist and have great structure. Mine WASC cake recipe is additionally always a crowd pleaser at large events.


When ns bake a batch of one of two people recipe, castle both make four, seven-inch cake layers the are around 1-inch high (once leveled).

I can ago my method into the lot of batter one batch provides by understanding this!

The Equation the A Cake Pan

This is where math comes into play. It’s naught crazy. It really simply uses the equation that a circle, i beg your pardon is Pi (3.14) x radius squared. In this instance with mine vanilla cake recipe, i would an initial calculate the volume that one cake layer.

I’d take it 3.14 (Pi) and also multiple the by 3.5in x 3.5in (the radius that the cake great squared). This would provide me 38.5 inches squared.

I recognize that mine 7-inch cake great are around 1 is customs tall one they’re baked and leveled. With that in mind, the volume of the a solitary cake layer would certainly be 38.5 inch squared x 1 inch, or 38.5 inches cubed.

Since one batch of batter makes 4 cake layers, that method it makes around 154 cubic inch of batter (38.5 cubic inches x 4 cake layers). V this number, I have the right to now calculation the variety of batches necessary to make for any size of tiered cake.

Example – Calculation for A three Tiered Cake

Say I want to make a tiered cake v 12 inch, 9 inch, and also 6 customs cake layers. Every tier would certainly be made through 3 cake layers that room 1 inch tall. I would certainly make the below calculations:

General Formula for any sized tier: Pi (3.14) x cake great radius squared x cake layer elevation x variety of cake layers12 customs tier: 3.14 x (6 in. X 6 in.) x 1 in. X 3 layers= 339 cubic inches9 inch tier: 3.14 x (4.5 in. X 4.5 in.) x 1 in. X 3 layers = 191 cubic inches6 inch tier: 3.14 x (3 in. X 3 in.) x 1 in.x 3 great = 85 cubic inches

This method in total, ns will need 615 cubic inch of batter (339+191+85). Since I recognize one batch makes around 154 cubic inches, i will have to make 4 batches that batter.

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Let Me know Your Thoughts

I hope this help you know how countless batches of batter you have to make for tiered cakes!!

For those of you who just want come know just how much cake batter every pan you need for different sized pans, i hope you find this beneficial too.

Let me recognize your thoughts, even if it is you usage my cake batter calculator chart, or whip the end your calculator!! 🙂