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Figuring out exactly how much cake batter girlfriend need can be tricky and also sometimes confusing. V all the various sized pans, it’s tough to know how numerous cups that batter, or how numerous batches that batter you’ll have to fill them.

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This write-up includes tips because that estimating the lot of cake batter you’ll require for several of the most well-known sized pans, plus means to estimate the amount essential for other cake projects.


In this post, I’m going to offer you multiple ways to estimate the lot of cake batter you’ll need for your cake. I’m likewise going to include a comfortable chart, for this reason you deserve to see appropriate away, exactly how much batter you’ll require for certain sized pans.

I’ll go through exactly how I personally like to estimate just how much batter to usage (it’s a much easier method in mine opinion), provide you part examples and also then straight you to an additional handy graph if you’d like to calculation it a different way than ns do.


Now, first I want to gain something out in the open. I discover that estimating batter by cups is frustrating and so the much better method (in my opinion) is to calculation by the amount of cooking recipes batches.

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Here’s a rapid chart that will be advantageous when estimating just how much batter you’ll require if estimating by recipe batches, not cups: *(We get in even more detailed with examples further into this post.)

Pan SizeRecipe Batch Amount(when using a traditional cake mixor recipe that calls for two, 8″ round pans)Notes
2, 8″ ring pans(2 inch deep)-1 cake mix, or -1 cake recipe batchAverage cake mixes and also recipes contact for either two 8″ pans, two, 9″ pans or a 13×9 pan.Make sure to review the cooking recipes carefully.
3, 8″ ring pans(2 inches deep)-1 ½ cake mix, or-1 ½ cake cooking recipes batchIf you desire to double the recipe,you can do that, yet you will haveleftover batter. (*See instance on how to reduced a recipe in fifty percent lower in the post.)
2, 6″ ring pans(2 inch deep)-1 cake mix, or-1 cake cooking recipes batchYou will have actually extra batter, i beg your pardon you can use that to do a couple of cupcakes.
3, 6″ round pans(2 inch deep)Either:-1 cake mix, or-1 cake recipe batch Or:-1 ½ cake mix, or-1 ½ cake cooking recipes batchIf you use one cake mix or one cakerecipe batch and also split it between three, 6″ pans, the cake layers willbe a little thinner.If you usage 1 ½ cake recipe batches,then friend will obtain thicker layers, butmay have actually a little bit of batter leftover,which friend can constantly use to make a couple of cupcakes.
2, 10″ ring pans(2 inches deep)-1 ½ cake mix, or-1 ½ cake recipe batchIf you desire to double the recipe,you deserve to do that, however you will certainly haveleftover batter. (*See example on just how to cut a recipe in half lower in the post.)
3, 10″ ring pans(2 inch deep)-2 cake mixes, or-2 cake cooking recipes batches
13×9 inch pan-1 cake mix, or-1 cake cooking recipes batchAverage cake mixes and recipes contact for either 2 8″ pans, two, 9″ pans or a 13×9 pan.Make sure to check out the recipe carefully.
Half paper cake-2 cake mixes, or-2 cake recipe batchesA fifty percent sheet cake is essentially two 13×9 customs cakes.
Two-tiered cake(Bottom tier: 3, 10″ round cake layers;Top tier: 3, 8″ ring cake layers)Bottom Tier:-2 cake mixes, or-2 cake recipe batchesTop Tier:-1 ½ cake mix, or-1 ½ cake cooking recipes batchIf girlfriend only have actually two pans of every size, you’ll need to mix up dual recipebatches and an initial do two, 10″ pans plusan 8″ pan. Then mix up one more twobatches and also bake 2 8″ pans and also one10″ pan.
Two-tiered cake(Bottom tier: 3, 8″ ring cake layers;Top tier: 3, 6″ round cake layers)Bottom Tier:Top Tier:-1 ½ cake mix, or-1 ½ cake recipe batchTop Tier: Either:-1 cake mix, or-1 cake cooking recipes batch (for thinner layers)Or:-1 ½ cake mix, or-1 ½ cake recipe batch(for thicker layers)If girlfriend only have two pans of each size, you’ll have to mix up one recipebatch and first do two, 8″ pans.Then mix up one more batch and bakethe critical 8″ pan and also a 6″ pan. Last, mix increase one an ext batch and bake the last 2 6″ pans. You’ll have actually a little of batter left over this way, but if friend only have two pans of each size, it’s anoption.
Square pans & various other odd shapedor new pansFor square pans, go v the estimates above, however if they’re large than 8″, it’s ideal to add alittle much more batter (maybe one more ½ cooking recipes batch.)For novelty pans: watch on the box or packaging the pan come with.Many times it will certainly tell you exactly how much batter you’ll need.

Now let’s acquire to all the different options you have to estimate just how much batter you require plus why measuring by cooking recipes batches is less complicated than the cup method.

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Different methods to calculation the lot of Cake Batter You’ll Need:

There are a couple of ways to calculation the amount of cake batter you’ll need:

Estimating by cup (which is essentially using a graph that will tell girlfriend how plenty of cups that batter you’ll require for every pan.Experience and also just winging it (learning by experience and also essentially using your finest guess of how much batter you’ll need).My an approach (which is type of a combination, of guesstimating how much batter based on how plenty of cake recipe batches will fill the pans.)

Let’s go into detail for every one now:

Estimating by Cups:


This is the method I think most civilization probably walk by and this is what most human being ask me for.

Essentially you have actually to figure out how many cups her cake recipe makes. Then you walk to a chart because that the pans you’ll it is in baking in and figure the end how numerous cups the batter you’ll require for those sized pans.

Then you’ll number out how numerous cake recipes you’ll have to make based upon the number of cups those certain pans require.

Here is a link for the chart Wilton has for this: Wilton’s Cake Batter Chart

(I have huge issues through this method, therefore don’t forget to keep scrolling to check out why it’s no my preferred method.)


Another method of estimating is basically something you’ll obtain to after ~ you’ve done it awhile. Girlfriend just figure out just how much come make and also how full you need to fill her pans etc.

It’s no going to aid you lot right currently if you’re just beginning out, but I did want to throw this one in here, so you understand if you’re just beginning out, the it walk get much easier to estimate.


First I’d prefer to say that my way isn’t exact. You’re essentially guesstimating, yet you acquire pretty dang close and it’s less complicated in mine opinion.

If you desire closer to exact measurements, then you might use the ‘estimating by cups’ method in an earlier section that this post or execute a google search for equations on exactly how to figure out the volume of every pan.

There are spreadsheets online that will carry out that because that you. That’s no my method though.

Here’s my issue with the ‘cups’ method:

The issue I have with the cups way of estimating is first, you may not always know how numerous cups that batter her recipe makes.

Essentially you’ll have to make a recipe an initial and measure the end the quantity of cups. That might not be any huge deal, yet who yes, really thinks to perform that? i don’t…and every time ns do, it’s too late…I’ve already included it to the pans.

Another inquiry to ask is, what recipe space those charts based turn off of? part cake batter recipes room thinner and also some are really thick.

Some cake recipes make much more batter and some make less. My recipes seem to be thicker and make a bit much more batter 보다 usual, so that they’ll climb up level to the top.

Some recipes bake up greater and some you have to fill your pan a little more. Some human being use cake mixes and some people use scrape cake recipes.

My allude is that even though the cups method seems exact….I yes, really don’t know just how it might be the exact.

I figured even if i made a recipe, established how many cups the cake batter the cooking recipes contained, then I’d still have actually to number out how numerous recipe batches to make based on how plenty of cups a particular cake pan required. It’s choose it’s simply adding secondary step as soon as you need to count the cups.

I’ve constantly just had more luck doing that my very own way, i beg your pardon I’m about to share v you. It’s not rocket science really, but it was just born the end of a require to figure out an easier method to estimate the amount necessary rather 보다 counting cups. I simply didn’t desire to count cup and attend to fancy equations.

Call me lazy, yet that simply wasn’t important sufficient for me…I don’t care about getting the exact volume. I simply want to get as nearby an estimate that I have the right to in the the very least amount of time possible.

So here’s mine method:

I essentially just go by cooking recipes batches. What’s the mean? fine one recipe is one batch.

Generally one cake recipe will make two, 8″ round cake layers, or a 13×9 customs cake layer. Sometimes it have the right to make three, 6″ ring cake layers, although those layers could be a little thinner.

Most cake recipes make the amount, yet you’ll desire to change if her recipe provides three 8″ round cake great or some various other variation. Simply know what you’re starting off with.

For me, I’ve discovered that understanding the basic of just how much mine recipe renders as much as what pans it will certainly fill (not cups), yes, really helps me guesstimate how much batter I’ll need.

I also think it’s necessary to understand your recipes. My cake recipes have tendency to make a bit much more batter. Few of my cakes use the reverse creaming an approach (you can discover our an ext about that here), and also with that method, the cakes it seems ~ to be a little flatter on top and I like to have an ext batter in every pan to obtain a greater cake.

So it’s crucial to know just how your cake recipe functions best. Know around how high your details recipe rises, for this reason you’ll know just how high to fill your pans.


So let’s shot some instances here come see exactly how I would certainly estimate the quantity of cake batter.

Example 1: half Sheet Cake:

A 4 minutes 1 sheet cake is a 13×9 customs cake, for this reason if we’re making a half sheet cake, then we’ll basically need double the amount of batter.

One cake recipe batch (most of my cake recipes) makes enough for one 13×9 inch pan, for this reason you’ll need two recipe batches to same a half sheet cake, therefor you’ll just dual the cake recipe to acquire the appropriate amount for a half sheet cake. See what ns did there?

If I’m do a cake because that my family, then I’ll simply make it 2 layers, but if I’m make a tradition decorated cake or I desire it to look fancier, climate I’ll make 3 cake layers. It simply looks higher and an ext elegant.

So what do I do when I want 3 layers rather of simply two? Well most of my recipes (and basic cake recipes) make sufficient cake batter to to fill two, 8″ round cake pans. Basically you’ll just need another fifty percent batch the cake batter for that, so you’ll just mix up a cooking recipes batch and also a half.

You don’t must mix up the batches separately. Just take her recipe and include another fifty percent to it. Here’s what that’ll look favor below:

Since an mean cake recipe (or at least those on my site and many others) makes sufficient batter because that two, 8″ round cake layers, then as soon as you have to make two, 10″ cake layers, you’ll be short around 4 inches precious of cake batter.

So basically you deserve to just make an extra fifty percent batch. Now, similar to I mentioned above, friend won’t mix increase a complete batch and also then a half batch separately, you’ll just change your ingredients to do a batch and also a half. (See the screenshot of how I did that in example 2.)

Example 4: two tiered cake – Bottom tier is three, 10″ ring cake layers; height tier is three, 8″ round cake layers:

Ok, it gets a little more confusing if you’re making multiple cakes and it will depend on whether you desire to mix up all the batter at once, or just do one tier in ~ a time. I have tendency to kind of mix points up a bit and I’ll tell you what i mean.

So together we talked about in example 3, you’ll need a recipe and a fifty percent for two, 10″ round cakes. If you simply doubled a recipe, climate you can get three, 10″ cakes. (One cooking recipes = sufficient batter for 16 inch of cake pans (two, 8″ pans), so a double batch would certainly = enough for 32 inches of cake pan, which would be sufficient for three, 10″ pans.)

Now, if you don’t have three, 10″ pans, or your range isn’t huge enough to host three, 10″ cake pans, climate you deserve to still mix up two batches of batter and also just to fill up two, 10″ ring cake pans to add an 8 customs round cake pan.

At that allude you’ll still have to make one an ext 10″ cake layer to add two more 8″ layers. That way you can make another dual batch of cake batter (which amounts to 32 customs of cake pan space) and also that would give you plenty for those three pans (plus maybe a little bit for a few extra cupcakes.)

Essentially you must look in ~ how many pans friend have and how much oven space you have very first because you might mix increase a ton the cake batter, yet then how will you fit the in your oven, or what if you operation out that pans?

It’s really finest to bake the batter best after it’s blended or her cake might not rise as well, for this reason just setup it out first and number out what great you’ll bake at each step in the process.

Example 5: 2 tiered cake – Bottom tier is three, 8″ round cake layers; top tier is three, 6″ ring cake layers:

Ok, this one is comparable to the instance above. (Go and read the for more details and also how I come up v these numbers and also what you require to setup for before mixing increase the batter.)

So because that the three layers the 8″ round cakes, you’ll desire to mix up a batch and also a half of cake batter. (Make sure to go up to example 2 come see exactly how that’s done.)

For the three, 6″ cake layers, you deserve to do a couple things. You have the right to mix just one batch the cake batter and also use that, yet your cake layers will be a tiny thinner, i beg your pardon is good if you’re okay through that.

If you want thicker layers, then you have the right to just usage a batch and also a half like friend did with the three, 8″ cake pans, but you’ll have a little of cake batter left end for some cupcakes.

A different method to do this…and this works especially if girlfriend only have actually two pans of every size, is to simply mix increase one batch of cake batter and also bake two layers the the 8″ round cakes first.

Then mix up an additional batch and also do the critical 8″ cake pan and a 6″ cake pan. Lastly, mix up one an ext batch and also bake the last 2 6″ pans. You’ll have a bit much more batter leftover using this method, yet sometimes you have to do things in different ways if friend only have two pans for each size.

Now these are simply a couple of examples and if you’re make a larger tiered cake then you’ll just need to change as necessary.

When you’re estimating the lot of batter you’ll need for square pans, it’s walking to be different. I tend to include an extra fifty percent batch to be on the safe side since you’ll need an ext batter for those. (For example, one 8″ square pan is going to require a bit an ext batter 보다 an 8″ ring pan.)

If you have actually a new pan (like a soccer pan or round pan), it will normally tell you just how much batter you’ll require for it through the pan instructions.

Now, this an approach of mine is not exact, yet all I’m speak is that nothing is going to it is in exact. I always err ~ above the next of make a little bit too lot though due to the fact that I feel like that’s the safest way to go.

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I expect this was helpful and also I’m willing to assist troubleshoot any kind of cake batter approximates you have questions about, yet just recognize that we are all just making our best educated guesses and also the an ext you execute it, the far better you’ll gain at estimating just how much batter you’ll need.