On march 21, USDA’s National farming Statistics service published the County productivity Estimates, which encompass county average chop yields per harvested acre for corn and soybeans.

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Corn Yields

During 2018, the U.S. Typical corn yield was 176.4 bushels every acre, down slightly native the former year. At the county-level, corn returns ranged from less than 100 bushels per acre in parts of the Southeast and the west Corn Belt to greater than 200 bushels every acre across many sections of the Corn Belt. Corn returns per harvest acre to be the lowest in wake County, phibìc Carolina, and also Denton County, Texas, in ~ 42.7 bushels per acre. They to be the highest possible in Benton County, Washington, at 270 bushels per acre. Number 1 highlights the county median corn yield every harvest acre.


More than half of the corn-producing counties in the U.S. Had actually lower corn yields in 2018 relative to 2017. In total, 651 counties experienced poorer crop yields in 2018 loved one to the front year, through yield decreases ranging indigenous as little as 1 percent to higher than 50 percent. Yield decreases were the sharpest in parts of the Southeast following two group 4 hurricanes and also in the west Corn Belt following too much precipitation during harvest season.

While plenty of counties experienced reduced corn returns in 2018, throughout the east Corn Belt in Indiana, Illinois and western Ohio, as well as in south Dakota, crop yields were greater compared come prior-year levels. Many counties in these states saw yield rises of an ext than 10 percent. Number 2 highlights the year-over-year percentage change in county average corn returns from 2017 to 2018.


Soybean Yields

During 2018, the U.S. Average soybean yield to be 51.6 bushels every acre – the second highest of every time – and up virtually 5 percent indigenous the former year. In ~ the county-level, soybean returns ranged from much less than 40 bushels per acre in sections of the Southeast and also Upper Midwest to better than 60 bushels per acre from Nebraska, through the Corn Belt and into west Ohio. Soybean yields per harvested acre to be the lowest in Onslow County, phibìc Carolina, at 18.4 bushels every acre and were the highest possible in Sangamon County, Illinois, in ~ 82.3 bushels every acre. Figure 3 highlights the county typical soybean yield per harvested acre.


While numerous counties in the U.S. Had lower corn yields in 2018 contrasted to 2017, in practically 60 percent of soybean-producing counties soybean returns were higher in 2018. In fact, in an ext than a quarter of every soybean-producing counties, the returns were more than 10 percent greater than those proficient in 2017. These locations extend indigenous western brand-new York to portions of Kansas and include many of the Corn Belt and also southern Michigan.

In areas that experienced hefty and lengthy precipitation, such as the Southeast, parts of Iowa and also the top Midwest, soybean yields per harvested acre were reduced as these heavy rainfalls damaged soybeans during the harvest season. Figure 4 highlights the year-over-year percentage change in county median soybean yields from 2017 to 2018.


Corn and also Soybean yields Per Planted Acre

During the prolonged and excessive rainfall that fell on a an excellent portion that the U.S. In 2018, the Southeast, portions of Iowa and the top Midwest had much more than 60 inches of rainfall, result in enhanced abandonment rates and many unharvested acre of corn and soybeans. The influence of adverse weather is partially displayed in the yield per harvested acre in the those plants that to be harvested most likely still skilled weather damage. However, to more completely capture the influence of adverse weather throughout the growing and also harvest seasons, the yield every planted acre was calculated. (Note: this will likewise include corn harvested for silage and also any unharvested acres.)

Yield per planted acre of corn ranged native a short of 3.7 bushels in Stanislaus County, California, come a high the 250 bushels per acre in Benton County, Washington. Yield per planted acre the soybeans ranged indigenous a low of 10.6 bushels in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, come a high that 82 bushels per acre in Sangamon County, Illinois. Number 5 and 6 highlight the yield per planted acre for corn and soybeans.




Carried by very strong yield improvements in parts of Illinois, Indiana, east Iowa, west Ohio and also other areas, U.S. Median corn and also soybean yields in 2018 were over trend projections and at or close to record highs. However, an extensive and too much rainfall during the harvest season brought about lower corn and soybean yields in numerous counties. In sections of western Iowa, counties along the southerly Mississippi River and also other components of the Southeast, chop yields dropped by more than 10 percent.

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Farmers who skilled a poorer yield or a crop loss in 2018 can potentially receive benefits from crop insurance’s yield or revenue protection policies. The lower chop yields will additionally factor into agriculture Risk Coverage program payments as the actual revenue in 2018 might be reduced than the benchmark guarantee. Agriculture Risk Coverage is based upon the chop yield every planted acre and also will assist to covering revenue declines experienced due to adverse weather and also unharvested acreage.