Fireball Cinnamon whisky (not “whiskey” – I’ll define later) is a clip in the college college student diet. It’s a small hot, a small spicy, tastes okay, and is alcoholic. That’s basically all that takes.

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For those who love the “hot cinnamon” taste (think: gum), or should assert their stamin by swallowing liquid fire, Fireball is a means of life. Yet unless you’re making her own, this spicy drink has actually a couple of stories under its cap.

1. It to be recalled for resembling antifreeze.


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Three various European countries recalled Fireball once they received a delivery from phibìc America and realized the it had higher levels that propylene glycol (used to improve flavor by taking in water) 보다 usual. While the FDA states propylene glycol’s normally safe come consume, Norway, Sweden, and also Finland usually receive Fireball shipments with lower PG levels 보다 American and also Canadian shipments.

Propylene glycol have the right to have toxic effects, but Fireball approve a explain saying the pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol (which is found in food, and also what they use) has stricter regulations 보다 non-pharmaceutical (which is supplied in antifreeze). Still, that a little iffy.

2. It’s old and also Canadian.


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Just like your non-violent grandparents. Fireball was very first introduced in Canada in the mid-1980s (supposedly by someone searching for a liquid equipment to frostbite). It discovered its way down to the U.S. Via smugglers until it took off, and also now it’s offered all over.

Also, that’s why they speak to it “whisky” and not “whiskey.” it’s a Canadian thing, eh?

3. It’s make with real cinnamon.


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Glozell knows around the dangers of cinnamon. Every the same, it’s type of refreshing (unlike Fireball, i m sorry is an ext of a scorching) to find out that at least one drink ingredient is actually legitimately what it cases to be, and not simply some festering chemical party falsehood.

But what kind that cinnamon? Fireball won’t say. That’s why their hair is for this reason big, it’s full of secrets.

4. You don’t need to drink it straight.


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Even though you could be offered to directly Fireball shots, yes a entirety host that cool mixed drinks that you have the right to make.

And if you’re searching for a quieter, Fireball-sipping evening, go simple: heating some fireball v normal apple cider in your favorite mug really hits the spot.

5. It’s more than likely Kosher and probably gluten free, but no promises.


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They really skirt the worry on this one. Basically, Fireball claims that their production adheres come Kosher guidelines, and also they sell it in Israel. But it’s no Kosher certified.

Same for gluten free. Lock don’t use ingredients that need to harm human being with gluten intolerance, however they can’t guarantee anything due to the fact that they’re not certified.

6. They have actually a gaming app.

It’s referred to as “Dragon, Dice and also Dares” – download it and get 5 rounds that a Fireball-centered game. You supposedly roll dice (in-app), upper and lower reversal cards, slay dragons, and also do a bunch of dares. All while drinking Fireball, the course.

My only issue with this is just how close it sound to Dungeons and Dragons.

7. Calorie-wise, it’s just okay.

A shooting of Fireball clocks in at 108 calories, but if you take into consideration all the sugar, that’s most likely not that bad. An mean shot of whiskey (at 86-proof, versus Fireball’s 66 proof) is only 70 calories. And also the mean whiskey has actually a greater alcohol content, if you didn’t notice.

Then again, it’s not straightforward to find low-calorie drinks.

8. You deserve to buy Fireball sauces (hot and otherwise).

I sincerely hope these hot sauces don’t taste like cinnamon. Girlfriend can gain hot sauce, BBQ sauce, or soup sauce for $5-$7 a bottle. It looks choose they’re all out of stock because that now, yet be sure to check back in a bit. It can be a an excellent gift because that a friend that loves Fireball.

Or as a polite reminder the they never ever shut up about Fireball and need to protect against drinking all the time to let their liver heal, for crying out loud.

9. You can also buy Fireball ear-warmers, earrings, hats or duffel bags.

I guess they think a shot will burn your ears off. However seriously, their save offers every one of these things (and more) because that the craziest the Fireball fans. Ns mean, flasks are an noticeable choice, however if you know an addict, noþeles (a shirt, a hat, or even Fireball wire lights) will do.

Don’t forget the blow up chair or the Battleship game. If you favor Fireball enough, seems choose you have actually plenty of methods to show it.

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